Four simple ways to differentiate yourself online and become the go-to brand

Have you ever wondered why certain brands and people resonate with you to your core? It could be a cult beauty product you can’t live without or even your favourite local cafe that you happen to spend over $1,800 a year with on almond capps.

It’s because you have bought into their brand. It doesn’t matter what offering they provide, plenty of other companies can provide that same thing. And no, it’s not just about their logo either.

Brands that attract a cult-like following have done the work to build a thriving community, engage with their audience and tell a meaningful story that connects. Here’s how you can create such a brand.

1. Know your audience

How do they want to feel when they engage with your brand? What motivated them to make their buying decisions? Who do they look to for inspiration and advice? What do they fear?

Until you know the deeper layers and “juicy information” on your ideal customer avatar, you’ll never be able to convince them of anything, much less that you’re the perfect brand for them. When you know your audience, you can create messaging that makes them feel like you get them, and that is where the magic starts to happen.

2. Establish your brand values

Working on your brand values may seem like something you’d love to get to in 39 years once you’re done putting out fires in your business and doing the work. But here’s the thing, “doing the work” keeps you stuck where you are right now. Stepping back and visualising how you want your business to be and the values you would need to uphold to get there changes everything. Your values should be applied to your products and service delivery.

3. Your brand promise

This one is huge. With everything being online these days, customers don’t have as much knowledge as when they go into a store directly to meet you or try things on. This means they’re going to have a level of apprehension committing. Especially if your service is more of an investment. How can you show them that their time and money is in safe hands? Can you put your money where your mouth is and back your work/ products with some sort of guarantee?

4. Be authentic

What do you do, that only you do? How can you make your business 20 per cent different to everyone else in the industry? If you’ve done the work above on figuring out your ICA, values and promise are, this will be a wonderful platform to then think about what gives you an edge.

As Tony Robbins says, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Taking some time to do this work, even if it seems tedious or non-urgent, will have a huge impact on the future of your brand.

Kady O Connell, Founder, Kady Creative

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