Five ways to get your business PR during COVID-19

The media is ticking over 24/7. With people at home in isolation, people are turning to the media for news, information and entertainment. People are reading newspapers, magazines, they are online more, sleeping less and watching more. It is one of the best times to get your brand in front of your target audience.

Since COVID-19 started I have arranged Zoom meetings for TV, print and online interviews, social distancing proof photo shoots, filming from separate studios in the same building, social distancing safe filming, phone and zoom radio and podcast interviews, and email interviews.

The media are still accepting products or services where necessary via home addresses, PO boxes or via Zoom depending on what product or service is offered.

Here are five ways you can get your brand PR during COVID…

1. The media needs content

The media needs stories and those that work for media outlets are working remotely but still working which means that they still need your pitches, stories, products and services. Your story or business does not have to link to isolation or COVID-19. Feel good, positive and entertaining stories have worked just as well.

2. Do you have a story to share?

Have you had to pivot your business at all to deal with COVID-19? Perhaps you have a happy, good news story to share? Have you launched a new business in response to COVID-19? Or perhaps you have a product or service that people will love during isolation? Now is the time to think about what relevant and newsworthy stories you have to share.

3. Can you offer yourself as an expert?

You may have more time on your hands and can pen an exclusive article and offer it to a relevant media outlet? Perhaps you are super busy but you know that your expert comment would be helpful and useful to the media and public as well as your target audience. By offering yourself as an expert, you’re are boosting your credibility and your business or brand’s credibility.

4. Re-active PR and newsjacking

COVID-19 happened. It was sudden and chaotic. However, there is always an opportunity and you need to think long and hard about what story angles or pitches the media may be interested in because of COVID-19, because of isolation and because of the regulations and recommendations that have been thrust upon us.

5. How can you get your product or service to the media?

Many offices are closed and staff are working at home. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait for people to go back to their offices to be able to get your product or service featured. If you wait, you will miss out. Long-lead print media work in advance, sometimes many months in advance, which means that they could be working on the end of Winter issues or even thinking about Spring content soon. Don’t miss out. Pitch and get hold of postal or home addresses if you can or deliver your service or expertise via the phone or Zoom if you can.

Candice Meisels, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant and author of “The Power of PR – PR for start-ups and small business”

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