Five principles you can implement today with no marketing experience

No matter your level of marketing experience, getting the word out about your new business venture is crucial in the early stages. Whilst the power of word of mouth marketing is essential in building initial brand awareness and retaining loyal customers, there are additional, simple steps you can take to boost consumers knowledge of your business. To help avoid early onset burnout, here are five powerful principles you can implement today, with or without existing marketing experience.

Urban marketing

One of the most essential marketing tools centres around the sheer number of individuals who know about your brand. General knowledge and awareness of a business is imperative for success. Urban marketing is a wonderful and simple solution to gain customers’ attention. Get the word out by setting clear objectives, perfecting your pitch, creating flyers, posters, growing your network and sending out newsletters to create brand awareness and affinity.

Business cards

It’s important to note that first impressions in the business world begin way before the in-person meeting, starting with the aesthetic look and feel of your business. The branding associated with your business is incredibly important in swaying customers’ initial opinion when deciding whether or not they will affiliate themselves with your brand. Vistaprint is a great option to help spark inspiration with pre-designed templates as well as customisable options. Do your research on current design trends, colours and refer to Vistaprint’s modern pre-made templates to simplify the process, as well as keeping costs down.

Email lists

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is through email lists. These lists enable you to segment your customers based on a ‘marketing persona’ which then allows you to send more targeted and relevant content and promotions

Promotional deals and products

Make customers’ experience with your brand memorable! This can be accomplished through promotional deals and product offerings such as customised office supplies, clothing and drinkware. These solutions will further engage potential customers and create positive sentiment with your business. Showing your customers that you’re ‘here to help’ builds the foundations for a strong and trusted relationships and customers will continue to come back to solution-based businesses that make their lives easier!

Provide positive service

What people think about your business is essential in terms of growth. Whether you have all the marketing experience in the world or absolutely none, there’s no aspect more important than setting a positive tone for your business through positive marketing experiences. You may want to consider discounts on services and setting a few customer guarantees. Customers remember the brands they have had positive interactions with and make a point to return to the businesses that made their experience enjoyable.

Breaking into the market space can sometimes be overwhelming when starting a new business. However, added stress can be avoided if you follow these careful steps in planning the start of your business venture.

Melissa Haywood, Head of Vistaprint Australia 

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