Five hiring tips for your small business

It’s exciting when a small business is building enough to warrant hiring new team members. But for business owners who are either not experienced in employing or who have had no recent need to engage new recruits, it’s sensible to review best practices and revise all considerations to make the best decisions for the company’s future.

Here are my top five hiring tips for small business:

1. Provide working interviews

Working interviews are a great option if you’re having trouble deciding between one or two candidates. After an initial screening offer both contenders the chance to work a couple of days with you, this will provide a more realistic insight into what this person can offer the business. Also, interviews are a skill in themselves, so if someone is especially effective in selling themselves, then throwing them in the deep end will offer a greater insight into what value they can offer the company.

2. Don’t be afraid to change your mind

Don’t let pride get in the way of letting someone go if they’re not right for the company. Of course, you must follow the necessary steps to ensure that they have had every opportunity to prove themselves, but it would be wrong to hold on to someone rather than accept that you have made a mistake in hiring them. Follow the lead of agencies who typically provide a three-month guarantee, meaning the newcomer understands that if the relationship is not working for the employer that they have every right to terminate the agreement.

3. Be open to hiring graduates and trainees

Those at the beginning of their career tend to go that extra mile for the opportunity. Of course enthusiasm cannot make up entirely for skill or experience, but if they are trained properly and set up for success then they could be a long-term asset to the team.

4. Go temporary before permanent

This is a low risk option and also effective if you have an immediate requirement to fill the role. It means you can offer a short-term deal which will give you enough time to work out whether the individual is right for the job. Also, you’ll have someone in the role quickly which will ease the pressure on other team members who may be taking on the additional work. The negatives are that the temporary worker may find an alternative role in that time and you may lose them entirely, plus if you decide not to offer a permanent position to the first temp, you will have to go through the process again.

5. Research salaries

Before hiring, make sure you’re paying workers competitively. If you have partnered with an agency then they should have a salary guide for each role and will advise you on a realistic bracket, if not then check out average pay rates online. A fair salary will not only attract quality applicants, but it will keep them around longer.

The smaller the business, the bigger the likely impact of a new face around the office. Hiring the right person is not only important to the workings of a business, but to the dynamics of a team. Make sure your new recruit fits with the culture of the company as well as ticking the usual boxes, and you’ll have a winning line-up!

Lezly D’Limi, Managing Director, Tailored Resources

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