Eight tips to surviving and thriving through COVID-19

If you’re a small-business owner who has been impacted by COVID-19, we have eight tips to help you survive and, dare I say it, thrive.

Now is the time to execute and lean into the discomfort of this situation and here’s how:

The silver lining

Many businesses have been severely impacted by COVID-19, however, what’s interesting is that silver linings still seem to be emerging. In tough times comes great innovation which we are already seeing with new products and services emerging.

What is the silver lining for you?


Some businesses have already got on the front foot and pivoted. Speed of execution counts and as a small business you have the ability to be more nimble than the larger businesses.

Here at The Execution Zone, we have moved all of our workshops to virtual events. One of our clients, a small Australian business, developed and released a hand sanitiser within 48 hours.

How can you pivot and execute?


“Focus on the wildly important” is one of the Four Disciplines of Execution by Franklin Covey. This methodology is based on research of over 200,000 organisations so they know a thing or two about execution.

The secret to focus is selecting a maximum of two to three goals and ensuring accountability and regular check in’s within your team to achieve those goals.

What is your top two to three goals that need your relentless focus?

The first step

Things can feel very overwhelming at the moment and we can get stuck in procrastination or perfectionism. There’s no time for that unfortunately so take a leaf out of Tony Robbins book and just take the first step today.  The rest will follow. As Robbins said, “Never leave the site of a goal without first taking some form of positive action towards its attainment.”

What step can you take today?


Teams, employees, families, and communities are all looking for strong leadership at this time. 

Research by Jim Collins in Good to Great showed Great companies still thrived in times of hardship and they were led by exceptional leaders who confronted the brutal facts but never lost faith.

How can you step up and lead? We need you!

Dream team

Surround yourself (virtually!) with your dream team.  Consider which Friends, family, mentors, communities will be your “cheerleaders” on the harder days.  Avoid any “energy vampires” who will zap your time, energy and mojo.

Consider your extended network in your dream team, we are seeing unexpected collaborations emerge including competitors working together to serve their customers.

The community helps us feel connected in a time where we are physically disconnected.


Motion changes emotion! As a stress buster do just 10 minutes exercise a day. Exercise also stimulates our brain and will help us execute when it is needed the most.

I’m doing more “walking meetings” by taking a conference call on a walk. I’ve set a goal to use the “extra time” to get fit! There are countless home workout apps and YouTube videos for free.


If there is one big secret to execution it is momentum. Build daily habits of proactive activity to maintain momentum, even if it is just 15 minutes of proactive sales and marketing activities a day. Move the needle!

These top tips will have you executing during this challenging time and seizing opportunities that arise. 

Remember, some of the world’s most successful people and companies have emerged from the hard times. 

Is this your time to find the silver lining and thrive?

Abbie White, Founder, The Execution Zone

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