COVID Reality: Episode 1 – Crisis

COVID Reality is a coworking online series, following the lives of small-business entrepreneurs at Workit Spaces, a Sydney based coworking space, during COVID-19. The series offers authentic access to the entrepreneurs’ journeys, and the the highs and lows of navigating the impact of COVID-19.

We get to see at first hand the day-to-day struggles and successes of SMEs during this unprecedented time. Watch as Alcmena, who sell baby products online, sells out of reusable nappies, while Sims Direct, an international sim card provider, goes from $8000 revenue per day to zero overnight.

Small business is the backbone of the Australian economy employing almost 50 per cent of our workforce – individually small business may be overlooked but as a collective they have a louder voice. We feel there is a need felt the need and benefits of casting a light on the under-represented small business community. The media is full of content covering the achievements of big corporate and Australia’s richest, it is now time to showcase the real heroes of our society.

COVID Reality hopes to educate the Australian people on what small business is facing right now as well as reaching out to our politicians to help produce more appropriate stimulus packages and policies. What’s good for small business is good for Australia’s economy.

Small business is at war right now just to survive and these are the stories from the front line.

Brought to you by Talea Bader, Founder and Managing Director, Workit Spaces