COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: the post pandemic brand-building blueprint

In times of disruption and crisis, many business owners slash or cease marketing. This is not the time to retreat but how do you go about marketing to consumers who are panicked and focused on fighting over toilet paper rather than spending their cash?

The latest episode of our series of videos from leading business experts on how small business can survive the Coronavirus crisis focuses on this issue. Customer experience expert Amanda Stevens answers all your questions around marketing and brand building in a post-pandemic environment and give you ideas to pivot, promote and zig while others are zagging. Amanda covers, among other things:

  • How to pivot your marketing to spend smarter.
  • Three hidden areas of opportunity in the COVID-19.
  • What your new customer experience should look like.
  • Five strategies to leverage any business downtime.

As well as these videos, the seminar at which they were launched offered info about free business resources and prizes you can find here.

Brought to you by Dale Beaumont, Founder, Business Blueprint

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