A new perspective

Businessman looking for opportunities in spyglass standing on top peak of mountain business concept vector illustration, successful young handsome business man searches new perspectives.

I have heard COVID-19 too many times already. But I knew it wasn’t going away anytime soon. The best strategy I thought was to make piece with COVID-19. Not make peace with the virus, that must be eradicated, but make peace with the phrase COVID-19. I decided to create a positive acronym for it as a new perspective of looking at it. This is what I came up with:

  • Connect
  • Opportunity
  • Values
  • Inspiration
  • Determination
  • 19 Nineteen

After I had done this I was on a webinar with fellow speaker Ian Stephens who inspired me to take it one step further and create some actions for each letter of the acronym and this is what I have done. It turns out to be quite a list!

This is an unprecedented time. I have seen nothing like it. We need to be honest and authentic that is new. Things will be different when it is over I am certain. I know from my perspective they absolutely will be different on both a business and personal level. To that end, I am massively busy taking action at this time. There is so much to do to add value to my customers, prospects, family and friends at this time.

There are many people I am connecting with who I haven’t spoken to in ages for all sorts of reasons, and yes, I am picking up the phone calling. I am recording podcasts as well as consuming them. There are so many TED talks I have on the to-do list.

I hope the infographic assists especially your 19 best actions, make your list of 19 things to do or 19 people to connect with.

It will make a difference to them and it will make a difference to you.

Rob Hartnett, CEO, The Hartnett Group and author of “It’s all possible – how to lead an epic life and unleash the high performance hero within”