$3 million training boost to future-proof apprentice tradies

Queensland’s construction apprentices and trainees have the opportunity to gain a valuable edge in the jobs market with free additional training to boost their skills and career prospects.

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) has unveiled a new $3 million program – Apprentice Advance Plus – as part of its $37.6 million Annual Training Plan for the construction industry.

CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said the Apprentice Advance Plus Program is available to any Queenslander currently in an eligible construction apprenticeship or traineeship, or for the first year following completion of an eligible apprenticeship/traineeship.

“From 1 October, CSQ will fully cover the training costs of priority short courses and higher-level skills training for construction apprentices and trainees,” Schimming said. “Trade apprentices will be able to boost their skills and knowledge base, making them a more valuable asset to their current employer and ultimately more employable moving forward in their career.”

He added, “CSQ will also offer free training to eligible apprentices and trainees following the completion of their apprenticeship/traineeship to support their successful transition to tradesperson, licensee, and business owner.”

With the workplace is rapidly changing and apprentices likely to see their jobs transform during their careers, CSQ has stated its commitment to helping apprentices future-proof their careers by keeping their skills up-to-date with the latest training.

Schimming said, “We want to see the greatest chance of success for those starting out in our industry because we will need more skilled workers to meet future industry demand. The Apprentice Advance Plus Program will ensure that we provide the best possible support for both our newest and most vulnerable in our industry.”

Schimming noted that the current construction apprentice pipeline was tracking well to ensure a ready supply of new entrants for the industry. With over 15,000 Queenslanders currently engaged in a construction apprenticeship, the training rate of 7.5 for every 100 construction workers has been cited as “stable” over the last decade.

“While the mining boom years saw a surge in civil sector apprenticeships, the residential sector is now dominating new apprentice commencements once again,” Schimming said. “Queensland’s construction apprentice workforce reflects a more balanced post-mining boom construction industry, with two-thirds of apprentices belonging to the typical construction trades of carpenters (30 per cent), electricians (23 per cent) and plumbers (13 per cent).”

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