10 healthy habits to adopt as a business owner


Heading into a new year is often a time of reflection and setting goals for the year ahead. Having made the decision to go into business and leave the security of paid income behind is it all you expected it to be or has the reality had other consequences? Reflecting on your current circumstances as a business owner and your present relationship, are they where you hoped and would like them to be? No matter how long you have been with your partner or how long you have been in business, it is essential for the satisfaction of life to find a way to achieve equilibrium so both worlds are in harmony.

Adopting healthy habits and honouring all the areas of your life important to you individually not only empowers you personally, it also elevates your business and relationship to new levels.

  1. Reduce your day-to-day stress
    Simplify your life and reduce the amount of decisions you make daily. Adopt habits of highly successful people and follow their strategies, e.g.: wearing the same thing every day and cut out the need to decide what to wear, saving you time daily, weekly and monthly, take lunch to work, leave your mobile phone in another room during meetings so you focus on only thing at a time. The less stress you have the easier you are to be around.
  2. Set boundaries with your relationship
    Let your partner know just because you are self-employed doesn’t mean you can drop everything and cater to their every whim.
  3. Show active interest in what is going on in your partner’s day, week and life
    Be mindful your partner has a different set of life goals and priorities, respect them as equally important to your own, and encourage them in their goals.
  4. Maintain your hobbies outside of the relationship and business
    Don’t lose yourself along the way. You bring to the table when you are happy and having fun outside of the pressure of routine and responsibility.
  5. Split time at home to separate business, relationships and social connections
    Don’t bring work home every night and let it spill into your quality time with your partner. Ensure there are designated shutdown times.
  6. Put in extra effort to your sex life
    Being tired, stressed, and focused on the business triggers a knee jerk reaction to withdraw and disconnect on an intimate level. Maintaining an active sex life not only reduces stress it also keeps you connected to your partner.
  7. Look after your health and general fitness
    Exercise releases happy hormones, the more vital and healthy you are the higher your energy and happier your mood; benefiting every area of life.
  8. Include your partner by asking their advice and opinions
    Demonstrate you value your partner by sharing challenges and asking their advice. You don’t necessarily have to take it but just including your partner will validate them and help dissolve any resentment they have towards the business.
  9. Take advantage of being in business
    Keep the spark alive with the freedom to sneak out for a cheeky lunch or take an extra day off to enjoy a long weekend make sure you balance out the advantages in actions to your partner of being self-employed.
  10. Celebrate successes together
    Talk about the short-term and long-term goals of the business and how it will benefit the relationship and your personal life.

It is possible to have it all. A healthy and successful business, marriage, relationship, social life, and downtime. Taking care of the welfare of your business and personal life is never difficult if you act with foresight instead of hindsight.

Louanne Ward, Relationship Strategist, Writer and Motivational Speaker