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Busting innovation myths

Some prevalent misconceptions prevent small businesses to seek innovation as they should, hampering the growth they deserve to achieve.

Why the pandemic has driven Aussie SMEs into new IT territories

Most SME retailers have turned to the cloud for their key IT infrastructure, with Amazon, Azure and Google Cloud being the platforms of choice.

Q&A: The buddies harnessing AI to make high-risk jobs safer

Buddy Suite AI is designed to manage training and operational activities, using AI to provide cognitive decision support to improve safety.

digital shift, digital tools

Seven digital tools every small-business owner needs in a post-COVID-19 economy

As businesses are bracing to face the post-COVID environment, here are seven digital tools that will help with a smooth transition.

The small business trends you need to know to succeed in 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic, 2021 promises some new trends that small businesses can easily adapt to in order to thrive.

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Strengthening cyber-resilience for business continuity

Think of cyber resilience as digital fitness – it’s a business’s ability to keep moving forward in the face of otherwise crippling cyber threats.

Three business management strategies for the summer season

The quieter holiday period is the perfect time to invest some energy into business management to lay the groundwork for success in 2021.

Checklist: six tips to get your business ready for Christmas

By ensuring your technology is doing the heavy-lifting in your business, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas cheer.

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Why SMEs shouldn’t rely on government handouts to boost cashflow

While government handouts helps SMEs in the short term, their ongoing survival will depend on their ability to manage cashflow without government supp…

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Top tips for ensuring the security of video meetings

Use a video conferencing app with a “waiting room” feature to manage people requesting to join so the host can challenge any unknown attendees.

email marketing

10 email marketing tips for SMEs to get ahead this holiday season

Segmentation is one of the most important email tactics out there – identifying a razor-sharp segment is always good for business.

Q&A: A natural solution to eczema

Geeta Powani leveraged her experience as a Chartered Accountant to steadily build a skincare business designed to alleviate the symptoms of eczema.

office equipment

How to keep office equipment safe in the COVID-19 era

It is important more than ever to ensure that IT equipment used in the workplace is constantly cleaned and sterilised to prevent the spread of COVID-…

Understanding your customer

Spending the time to review customer feedback and, SEO analytics will ensure that you view your customer with true unconscious bias.

Five tips to save your small business money

Look across all areas of your business, from operations to office maintenance, to see what is adding value and where you could save money.

Starting a retail business entails a mountain of preparation, but help is available for identifying all the issues that need to be addressed, months

How the first 12 months of business should look

Ensuring your shift to becoming a business owner is a successful one depends on how you plan the first 12 months of your business.


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