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Predicting the future using data

Regardless of what stage of development a business is at or its size, leveraging predictive analytics of data can help drive competitive advantage.


How smaller businesses and start-ups can reduce their environmental footprint

There are ways small businesses can reduce their environmental footprint without having to spend too much of their time or money.

cloud confidence

The case for the cloud

The pandemic helped make the case for cloud communications and businesses that don’t make the switch are jeopardising productivity and profitability…

Life after JobKeeper

As JobKeeper ends on 28 March, here are some ways small businesses can prepare and safeguard their cashflow with the COVID crisis ongoing.

One year into remote working, Aussies feel they’re working more sustainably

A year of remote working has seen the amount of paper used by the average work reduced by over a half – a sign the paperless office is possible.

Offshoring Angela Vidler Diversify

Why there is value in offshore developers for small businesses

Offshore developers represent a huge opportunity for SME owners to commission a valuable skill set much more affordably than what’s available locall…

Top digital trends for SMEs to adopt in 2021

Digital automation enables SMEs to streamline their workflow and help to identify areas that can also be automated to increase efficiency and reduce c…

Sweet streams are made of this

Alongside professionals looking to upskill, a new cohort of avid chocolate fans are tuning in to Kirsten’s online cooking classes.

secure, cyber-safe

Keeping SMEs cyber-safe as they head back to work

In the midst of rising cybersecurity issues, SME leaders must make their systems cyber-safe, and that starts with their people.

Whatever floats your boat

Savvy boat owners maximising their investments by renting their boats out safe in the knowledge that they can control prices, schedule and availabilit…

remote work

Over a third of SMEs relying on laptops post-pandemic

Purchasing decisions on laptops need to be reassessed to keep pace with the younger generation of workers who are more digitally astute.

email scams, email scam, invoice scam

How leaked company credentials are creating a phishing tsunami in 2021

Too few SMEs are taking appropriate measures to effectively prevent cybercriminals from accessing and exploiting stolen credentials via phishing attac…


What small businesses need to know about ransomware

No SME can afford to lose clients’ sensitive data or the reputation it has built with its customers – data theft and ransomware can be fatal blows.


How the cloud and automation are helping SMEs support workplace flexibility

Cloud-based solutions not only help save money but also improve agility and enhance flexibility in the remote working environment.

Strong family links keep local manufacturer going

While many small businesses have unfortunately succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Linzner family drew on their 50 years of …

Tech time for farmers

Farmbot uses state-of-the-art IoT monitors alongside advanced software, algorithms and satellites to monitor on-farm assets and resources.


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