Five business processes you need be automating

Automating key business processes help you ensure greater operational efficiency and improved compliance.

Risk assessment, decision to accept business result in uncertainty, unpredictable situation concept, cube wooden block with alphabet building the word RISK.

Do you take risks in your business?

Taking risks is a crucial ingredient in small-business success but only works if shifts in strategy are calculated and data driven.

giving back, communties

Small businesses return $50 billion to local communities

Small businesses are reinvesting more into their local communities this year, giving back to charities, schools, clubs, and local sponsorships.

Cloud security services

Why cloud security services can be ideal

Using the cloud services enables businesses to share issues more easily and reduce the costs associated with on-premise installations and maintenance …

GotheHand Team

Aussie firm takes on the Internet giants

The concept behind the new OnSale online marketing platform is aiming to create a more level playing field for small business who struggle to be found…

Word writing text Flexibility. Business concept for Quality of bending modified easily without breaking Stretching

Flexibility – the huge strength SMEs aren’t using

One of the biggest advantages small businesses have is the flexibility to exlpoit trends in business – by the time big business is done with its own p…


What’s in a name? For an app, a lot

An app’s name plays an important part in its branding, so it’s important to choose a name that will appeal to potential users.

STP, Small business payroll advice, single touch payroll, payroll process

Why businesses should care about STP – and no, it doesn’t involve penalties!

STP is designed to streamline financial reporting and will make payroll reporting and compliance much easier for small businesses.

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Small business hacks right at your fingertips

Online accounting is often a challenge for small-businesses owners, but here are a few hacks that can help make the process easier.


How small business can compete for the top tech talent

SMEs can capitalise on the preference among workers for flexibility, career progression, leadership, and culture to attract top talent.

system of agreement

Why small businesses are falling at the finish line

Modernising your System of Agreement so it’s an end-to-end digital solution not only protects your business from the risks of a paper-based system b…

Wi Fi Symbol

Is anyone having trouble with WiFi?

Today’s consumers simply expect WiFi access, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a chain or a small coffee shop down the street.

Australia and India, two flags waving against blue sky. 3d image

India opportunity for cyber security start-ups

Ten NSW cyber security start-ups will be offered a major business development opportunity in India under the NSW-India Cyber Security Exchange.

Megan and Mark New Zealand Naturals

Q&A: Tough times overcome to deliver tasty treats

Mark and Megan have overcome the worst nature could throw at them to make a success of their natural ice cream business.

Tara Commerford GoDaddy

Keep your customers coming back with strategic email marketing

Mobile phone use is at an all time high, so ensuring email marketing can be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices is vital.

Abstract hi tech face scan interface on black background. Technology and biometric concept. 3D Rendering

Why investing in technology can help SMEs grow

While technology is clearly necessary for SMEs to succeed, it’s important to choose the right system for the business.


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