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Putting the right software in place is critical to streamlining your business processes, and providing a better experience for your employees and cust…

How combining edge and cloud computing can help drive innovation

By putting the computing power where the devices are, also known as the edge, network traffic can be minimised, and real-time insights are gained.

Five digital marketing trends that SMEs need to pay attention to

Calibra is a newly formed Facebook subsidiary expected to launch in 2020 that may well transform digital marketing as we know it.


How SMEs can shift cybersecurity from cost to business driver

A strong cybersecurity system can help build brand loyalty and stave off competition, thus offsetting the cost of security.

Why viewing digital as an ecosystem will help future-proof your business

Before starting a new campaign or promotion, complete an audit of all your digital channels and assess how they’re performing across the board.

data breach reporting, cyber attack, cyber-crime

How you can prevent cyber-crime from crippling your company

The first step to protect against cyber-crime is to run a risk assessment to find any security gaps, or any risks with your tech that could be hacked.

Low rumblings of change

The world is moving towards “fast, flat and free” and disruption strikes hardest at companies that are the opposite – that is, slow, bumpy and e…

level playing field

Levelling the playing field for the SME sector

The difference between start-ups and the SME sector is more a question of disposition than capability and all it takes to succeed is a willingness to …

The future of finance is all about choice

As fintech disrupters gain traction, choice is becoming central to the future of finance – people want choice in who they borrow from.

automotive dealsers

How automated workflows can help automotive dealers make more money

Managing lots of data effectively is crucial for automotive dealers looking to meet compliance requirements, reduce costs and improve productivity.

trade secrets

Trade secrets vulnerable when staff use their own laptops

It’s tempting to allow staff to use their own laptops as a way to save some costs but it potentially risks losing your trade secrets to software the…

Why integrated ecosystems are vital for business growth

The increased adoption of integrated technology ecosystems is allowing employees to work more productively and efficiently.

tech talent

Tech talent supply insufficient to meet Australia’s growth ambitions

The future of Australia’s growth lies in the supply of talent in the tech sector but decline in technology subject enrolments poses a challenge.

Small business cashflow

Go with the flow

SMEs need to reliable, real-time access to all the information they require so they can start making better cashflow decisions.

Ideas to consider when updating your website

By knowing the preferences of your audience and with some help of analytics, you can improve your website and help you stand out from your competitors…

workplace audit

Breezing through an audit

With the volume of data created today a digital information management solution that effectively collates information as key to a successful audit.


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