Connecting with customers

PwC research shows that the growth of SMEs attributable to their use of Facebook has generated significant employment within Australia.

Your CSR program should be improving staff morale, increasing your staff retention rates and it should be a profit centre to the business.

Epson recognised for Corporate Social Responsibility

Independent research rated Epson in the top two per cent of companies for Corporate Social Responsibility in its industry globally.

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How SMEs can create a competitive advantage through AI

As customer experience continues to be a key value driver, AI provides considerable advantages to SMEs trying to level the playing field.

superannuation obligation

Leaving the paper trail behind in 2020

Ditching the paper trail in favour of a digital accounting solution helps simplify financial processes and create a more organised workplace.

blind spot

Cybersecurity: the blind spot of SMEs

Many SMEs are blind to the fact that each new application, network, partnership or business integration creates vulnerabilities to their online securi…

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Scaling your customer experience

As your small business is scaling up, it’s important to have the proper tools and processes in place to ensure its long term success.

cloud accounting

Driving your business forward in the cloud

Compared to desktop solutions, cloud-based accounting solutions provide better accessibility to data and are much easier to use at a lower cost.

How personalising your retail offer can backfire

Today, with the prevalence of big data solutions and machine learning algorithms, the potential for personalised retail has never been greater.

How wellbeing apps can increase willpower at work

Willpower is what gives us the discipline to achieve goals, so it’s important to have the proper wellbeing to be able to attain it.

Making SME cybersecurity fun – from the inside, out

Gamification motivates workers to undertake training, increase engagement with training material, and influence good cybersecurity practice.

security smart

Four tips on staying smart in and out of the workplace

Smart employees recognise potential cybersecurity pitfalls because security breaches are very real aspects of working and playing in the virtual space…

Advanced technology driving growth, tech-averse

Tech-averse SMEs driving with the handbrake on

Almost a third of SMEs are too tech-averse to consider solutions such as electronic accounting tools that would help them conduct business much more e…

From ballet shoes to boxing gloves: tips for starting your own business

How a former ballet dancer turned a group of 10 women training in a local gym into one of the busiest fitness classes in her area.

How not to be an awesome communicator

Navigating professional networking for small businesses

Irrespective of how uncomfortable you are with it, networking can open up many fruitful opportunities for business development.

keeping the business afloat

The five keys to keeping your small business afloat

When a small business takes some time upfront to get organised, it can dramatically improve its outcomes in the long term.

Invest Wollongong launches to attract start-ups and scale-ups to the thriving region

Invest Wollongong is implementing practical programs that tangibly support start-ups and scale-ups considering the thriving region as a place to call …


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