Why we sometimes say no to process automation

Determining whether a business should proceed with process automation boils down as to whether it is investing in areas that will deliver the best ROI…

Embark on a hassle-free online sourcing and networking journey

The HKTDC has introduced online business matching to enable networking and deal-making that will be showcased at an online exhibition in November.

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Concern over small business payment systems’ merger

Small-business advocacy groups fear that the proposed merger of electronic payments systems will lead to higher transaction costs.

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The $1 billion threat facing SMEs

Too many SME leaders do not consider ransomware threats as enough of a risk to require a planning strategy for their data and other online assets.


Why small businesses need to get into the habit of contact tracing

Contact tracing is the new reality for many small businesses as we begin to awaken from the pandemic slumber, and prepare for a post-COVID workplace.


Did the Budget deliver for small business?

The question on small-business owners’ mind is did Budget 2020 hit the bullseye for small business, or was it wide of the mark?

SMEs accelerating their digitisation in the wake of pandemic

Most SMEs have accelerated their efforts in the digitisation of their operations as a means to survive and thrive in the midst of current challenges.

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How AI-based safety training can provide SMEs with greater cost efficiencies

AI wearables can help small businesses ensure safety policies are strictly adhered to in an innovative and cost-effective manner.

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Top services sought by Aussie SME owners revealed

Aussie SME owners are looking to digital services providers help them reach and engage consumers as they battle the impact of COVID-19.


How AI can improve cashflow during an economic downturn

Investing in AI and machine learning systems helps SMEs streamline their expense management and reporting with less cost and effort than manual proces…


How to not lose sleep at night as a small-business owner

Over 40 per cent of the victims of cyber attacks are small businesses, usually because they don’t have adequate protections in place.


Is your trade business doing as well as it could be in the pandemic renovation rush?

Embracing digital technology can help Aussie tradies increase their earnings so they can accept more of the renovation work so prevalent at this momen…

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It has never been more important to take privacy obligations seriously

Every business should always have privacy protection foremost in their cybersecurity strategies as the risks have become more heightened.


Five reasons retailers are moving to drop shipping and electronic data interchange

Drop shipping is becoming a more popular choice than traditional storing methods because of the cost effectiveness and versatility it provides.

How to evaluate trustworthy LinkedIn and SEO services

“Dodgy” digital marketing advice risks reputation damage, profile suspension and LinkedIn “jail” – huge networks are not a predictor of quality.

Q&A: A more transparent approach to recruitment

How and why Jane Bianchini gave up her successful business to found a video interviewing platform business that is disrupting the recruitment industry…


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