How customer experience management will evolve in 2018

You need to differentiate on CX because nine out of 10 customers are willing to pay significantly more for a better experience.

Payment times – time for action

B2B pay solution to solve financial challenges for SMEs

B2Bpay is designed to improve the way SMEs pay expenses while accruing rewards and streamlining their business processes.

Employee morale

Six trends to watch in employee experience

Getting employee experience right is critically important because engaged employees contribute significantly to revenue growth.

Product developmend cycle concept . Knob with stages of product development. Idea. 3d illustration

The importance of an MVP

Every piece of functionality costs you money so focus on getting your product down to MVP and invest more once you’ve got customer feedback.

Mobile technology, apps, tech tools

Four tech tools for busy business owners

Tech tools to track, measure and automate are no longer custom-made software that only big corporates can afford, they’re readily available to every…

Data governance

No more crystal balling for smaller retailers

Retailers are now more empowered now thanks to access to more data and business intelligence tools that make for better decision-making.

Nicolette Maury pic

Converting web traffic into leads, sales and loyalty

Your website needs to not only should drive good web traffic but also effectively convert that traffic into a customer base.


Why you should demand 5G mobile networks as soon as possible

5G promises to deliver unprecedented mobile broadband speeds and quality as long as the required infrastructure investments are made.

IT security, online security

Security tips to keep small businesses safe

Six steps to helping small businesses boost their network and online security against cybercriminals.

Tyro terminal + card_coffee

First-to-market service for contactless payments launched

Tyro’s contactless payments system will help merchants save money by processing debit tap-and-go payments through the more economical eftpos network.

Wi-fi available here sign

Guest Wi-Fi for small businesses

Air Merchant was designed on the back of research that revealed 66 per cent of us want free Wi-Fi from businesses such as cafes and pharmacies.

ONLINE ADVERTISING man working on laptop Online Advertising Website Marketing Update Trends Report News Online Advertising Online Marketing Business Content Strategy

The future of online advertising

Chat is now the preferred way to communicate so online advertising will increasingly feature chat assistants powered by AI and automation for Facebook…

data breach reporting

How to avoid failing new data breach reporting scheme

The new data breach reporting scheme can be daunting for small businesses to implement, but it’s also an opportunity to reevaluate cybersecurity proto…


Seven ways tech will change customer experience in 2018

The latest advances and trends in technology provide new, insightful avenues to a more positive, happy customer experience.

industry 4.0

Industry to give students the skills of the future

The IRC will work with industry to identify the competencies students need in areas such as big data, supply chains, automation, digital skills and cy…

property co-ownership

Co-ownership platform to tackle housing affordability launched

Kohab is banking on the success of the today’s sharing economy as it strives to make a mark as the world’s first digital platform for property co-ow…


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