What SMEs should consider when adopting a cloud-first print strategy

Cloud-based print infrastructure is the next frontier for SMEs as it can address cost and efficiency issues while providing better security.

Taking building management up a level

“Most strata or body corporate managers only have about 10 per cent of the information about the buildings they are managing to hand at any one time…

Why natural and organic Aussie products are set to fly

The demand for Australian natural and organic brands from both domestic regional centres and international markets is on the rise.

How tech investments can help SMEs hijack the slowing economy

An SME that makes even small tech investments already has a competitive advantage over its less nimble larger rivals who take longer to implement chan…

login, MyGovID

ATO urges SMEs to adopt myGovID as deadline looms

Business owners are encouraged to register for the more secure myGovID as it is set to replace the old AUSKey system by 27 March.

New hope for Office 365 users’ data protection

Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention policy for Office 365 enables Businesses to identify and manage the flow of sensitive information within their networ…

delivering beyond innovation

Delivering beyond innovation for SMEs

Leveraging new technologies, information, and support helps SMEs navigate regulation and logistical concerns and be more focused on delivering results…

How to tailor LinkedIn for a better user experience

Discover some overlooked tweaks and tricks to help make your LinkedIn experience better and network with people more efficiently.

Q&A: The caring side of AI

Serial entrepreneur Kane Sajdak’s latest venture, HomeGuardian, leverages AI to alert carers in the event of an elderly person having a fall.

Augmented retail a reality

More and more retailers across the globe are making use of augmented reality to improve customer experience and boost sales.

iot security

The growing importance of IoT security

Securing IoT devices doesn’t have to be overly complex or costly – they just need to be treated like any other mobile device and protected according…

Is your marketing in line with what is happening in the digital space?

While content remains king in the digital space, there are many changes and innovations being made in the online marketplace businesses should be awar…

If 2020 is the year you embrace CRM, here’s what’s in store

A CRM is designed to attract, retain and satisfy your customers with front ends and behind-the-scenes processes that give them more of what they want…


How the new decade will play out for SMEs

An expert’s top five predictions for SMEs in the new decade on economics, technology, business, travel, the environment, diversity, and CSR.

Five simple cost reduction tips for small business

For small businesses with limited resources at hand, there are a number of ways to save cost while being able to efficiently run the business.

Automating your expense processes as a small business

The SAP Concur portfolio has just launched a brand-new automated expense management package aimed at making life easier for small business.


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