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Working from home during COVID19: what do I work on?

Working from home brings enormous opportunity to focus on tasks on your to-do list, so it’s time to determine the tasks you should prioritise.

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How your small business can avoid fake invoice scams

With scammers becoming more sophisticated, it becomes more difficult detecting fake invoice scams, especially without the proper tools in place.


Bring back the power of using the phone

Even as new technologies have made communication more interactive, there is still value in phone communication, especially for deeper conversations.

bookkeeping, hr, payroll

What is impacting HR and Payroll in 2020?

How small businesses can keep up with the technological disruptions and policy changes occurring throughout HR and payroll.

New portal offers free access to business services

The new portal offers a range of business services such as teleworking technologies and other tools to ensure business continuity.

How small budget businesses can leverage technology to survive

An online ordering platform is one way businesses with a small budget can fight back and stay afloat in these most challenging of times.

A 10-step COVID-19 plan for small business

How small businesses can be able to address the challenges brought by the COVID-19 and protect their business even in the midst of a crisis.

Fintech calls for partnership with banks to manage SME rescue package

A fintech boss calls for cooperation between government, banks and fintech companies to expedite the processing of loans for SMEs.


Securing remote workforces at scale

Organisations should have comprehensive business continuity plans in place in order to ensure a better remote working experience for your team.

sign on glass

Sign on Glass: the green initiative that reduces costs

Sign on Glass is a simple, easy-to-use technology that replaces the mountains of paperwork associated with proof-of-delivery processes.

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Technology tips to work from home during Coronavirus

With Coronavirus likely to force many to work at home, here’s a guide to the technology that will keep your business running.

Why SMEs should be paying less than ever for software

With disruption and innovation in technology to make things simpler and easier, software becomes ever more accessible and affordable.

Three steps to safeguard your small business in the face of Coronavirus

Managing cashflow and chasing prompt payments becomes more important than ever for small businesses in high-risk times such as Coronavirus.

Coronavirus – the opportunity to systemise working from home

Choosing the right tools to help you stay connected with your staff and customers if Coronavirus means working from home for an extended period.

data mining, suppliers, AI

AI is coming for your boring small-business tasks!

SMEs arguably needs AI more than big copps – with fewer employees and fewer resources, harnessing it can allow you to do more with less.

coronavirus email

Fake coronavirus warning emails spreading malware

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the ongoing coronavirus scare to hack the networks and steal data of unsuspecting SMEs.


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