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Powering your business with digital automation

Digital automation technology allows you to not only automate time-wasting, repetitive tasks but also provides a better customer and employee experien…

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How Shifting Sands Digital guides SMEs in digital transformation

Shifting Sands Digital aims to inspire SME owners struggling to come to terms with the opportunities and threats presented by digital transformation.

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Start-ups collaborate to launch Telehealth service for aboriginal communities

GPNow and Wanngi are developing a culturally sensitive telehealth service to achieve long-term, sustainable healthcare outcomes for aboriginal communi…

How do you pick the right laptop?

What small-business owners should be looking for in a laptop to meet their needs ranging from portability and battery life to performance.

Life after Facebook: strategic marketing questions SMEs should consider

Recent issues with Facebook should make SMEs reconsider their social media marketing strategies and have a second look at other platforms.

New program to help UK start-ups boost Australian tech sector

“Australia is an extremely important partner for the UK tech sector and a country that shares our success in this field.”

Digital Marketing

The fizz factor

Digital advertising is a world within itself, there are no shortcuts to success and you need to wait, watch and learn to respond quickly to what works…

technology trends, new world

Leveraging technologies for the new world

The key to success for SMEs in the new world is to challenge the relevance of existing processes and encourage new ways of working.

Keeping an eye on safety

Persistence needs to be moderated with a high degree of common sense and objectivity, and the ability to let go and know when to stop.

Emails, business email

Eight unexpected email challenges and how to fix them – Part 1

Despite email’s proven popularity and effectiveness as a communications and marketing platform, it still presents challenges that need to be address…

buyer personas

Uncovering buyer personas for hyper-targeted marketing

Digging into buyer personas helps you to uncover what people like about your product and what their priorities were when they chose to buy from you.

Broadband the key to digital transformation for regional businesses

The ASBFEO has praised NBN Co’s expansion of its Business Satellite Service as a key step in helping regional SMEs with digital transformation.

Five things you should do in 2021 to improve your small business

Online visibility isn’t just your website, it’s any space from socials to Google My Business to directories where a customer can interact with you…

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Why Storage-as-a-Service is a great way forward for SMEs

Storage-as-a-service is attractive for SMEs that don’t have the resources required to maintain on-premise storage infrastructure.

unified, omnichannel

Unified retail: a great challenge, but an even greater opportunity

Having unified online and offline strategies to create a seamless omnichannel approach will benefit both the business and the customer.

As one door closes it’s time to support small-business digitisation

The digitisation of key functions can simplify the process for small-business owners and provide them with a better view of their finances.


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