fast-track, predictions

Five predictions for SMEs in 2021

With the unexpected developments that happened in 2020 and the situation this year still uncertain, predictions suggest continued digital acceleration…

extreme weather

New tech to help combat bushfires

Three Queensland companies have collaborated to develop an innovative technology to detect, report, and combat bushfires within minutes of them starti…


Underpreparedness of ANZ businesses for COVID-19 highlighted in new report

New research reveals few ANZ businesses had they type of flexible, digitally-enabled workforce to ensure business continuity when the pandemic struck.…

expense management

How to work with your accountant to get the best results

If your profits are looking poor, there’s no need to feel ashamed, your accountant is there to work with whatever you bring into the meeting room.

Just send them a text: leveraging SMS for business

Effective SMS communications facilitate higher customer engagement and conversion with an average response rate of 30 per cent.

hackers, email security, remote

Why remote working creates security headaches for SMEs

Short, snappy, visually engaging and entertaining learning modules are they key to getting employees to be cyber-aware when remote working.

reforms, spiral

Strategies to help small business avoid a post-COVID insolvency spiral

For smooth sailing in 2021 and beyond, it’s vital small-business owners learn to identify the risks of insolvency, act quickly and innovate strategi…

You think an app is the way forward for your business? Think again

Before you start developing an app for your brand or service, you need to ask yourself some important questions regarding its viability in the real w…

How the right office products can boost productivity in the new normal

BenQ’s Smart Projector for Business is simple to operate, with an app-based interface that will be familiar to anyone with an Android smartphone.

Software-specific R&D tax incentive proposed for SMEs in tech

The ASBFEO describes the current R&D tax incentive for software development businesses to be “unsuitable” for promoting industry growth.

The science of social

Your content is how you show up on social media – it is the messaging your community sees and it represents the journey you take your followers on.

CX, success, personal experience

Personalised experiences the key to customer loyalty

The next era of personalisation is about simplifying purchasing decisions for customers, using technology to serve hyper-targeted experiences.

JobKeeper, government

Government investment alone cannot guarantee SME survival

Rather than viewing government incentives as a lifeboat, SMEs should look to government spending as a way to solidify foundations and drive growth.

cloud confidence

Overcoming the cloud complacency conundrum

Many small businesses are still unaware of the potential threats to the cloud and they have a responsibility to ensure that it is highly secure.

How being strategic can help your business and team

If you want your small business to prosper and grow you need a strategic plan and the flexibility to adapt for ongoing changes.

Is marketing automation right for you?

Marketing automation it delivers a highly-personalised customer experience, improving your chances of converting leads into customers.


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