Uber shows us the cost of a workplace without empathy

The Uber story reveals the cultural battle businesses face between empathy and abundance versus narcissism and scarcity.


The profit engine: personalisation

A personalisation engine acts as a shopper’s favourite local sales assistant.

The impact of disruption on international trade

Stop thinking and acting local if you want to grow

The experiences shared by small-business owners around the world show that in today’s digital world the challenges in engaging in international trad…

User Experience

You can’t build great UX without measuring experience

There is no “one size fits all approach” when it comes to measuring UX.

Nicolette Maury pic

Addressing the small stuff key to sole operator success

One of the keys to success for a sole operator is choosing the tight technology to lighten the load.


Policy forum unites small-business sector

ASBFEO hosts a policy forum with small-business sector representatives to discuss a united approach on matters where there is broad agreement.

Cyber security

Small-business bundle for tackling cyber crime launched

“SMEs are no strangers to cyber crime – as threats continue to evolve and grow, we are seeing more cyber criminals shift their focus to small busine…


Five tools to increase SME agility

Five new technologies that will cut lengthy processes and procedures thus improving SME agility.

Artifical Intelligence

How advanced technologies are driving travel, expense and invoice trends

There is an air of disruption in the business world as AI leads the next wave of advanced technologies.

How to lose customers

How to lose customers and inconvenience people

The demand for digital services is more acute than ever, and there’s a price to pay for putting the digital conversation on the back burner.


Moving to a more efficient cybersecurity strategy

The challenge for SME owners is to figure out how to spend efficiently on your cybersecurity strategy.

Concept of consumer centric marketing and omni channel retailing.

Getting into bed with your customers

Small businesses can become more consumer-centric through personalisation, selling experiences and involving local communities.


Don’t spring clean your business, plant for growth

Spring should be a time to commit to a growth strategy and prepare to tackle the next big opportunity.


Seeing the silver lining of cloud migration

Cloud migration is expected to rise even further as more companies discover the benefits of hosting and supporting their network monitoring tools in …


Chatbots – what’s all the fuss about?

Chatbots go beyond just being the latest buzzword – they actually add value to the bottom line.

Digital composition of business man with robot hand against grey background

Four considerations when introducing robotics into your business

Introducing robotics solutions into your business should aim at freeing up your team to focus on higher-value activities.


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