recruitment, science

The perfect candidate doesn’t exist, but science can get you close

Science, through the use of psychometric assessments, is helping businesses find the candidates who best fit the job, removing human bias factors.

mobile era

Why cybersecurity matters more than ever in the mobile era

While remote working in the mobile era can provide benefits aplenty for employers and employees alike, it’s a model that’s not short on cyber risk…

Festival-goers’ favourite tipples revealed

What Aussies look to for refreshment at festivals, and how they want to pay for them.

telecommunications, telecommunication, pain relief

Top five tips for SMEs to get smarter with their telecommunications

The difference between SMEs that thrive, and those who stay stagnant, is telecommunications that maximise how they connect with their community.

telecommunications, telecommunication, pain relief

New technology pain relief for small businesses

Connexus aims to provide business owners access to. business-grade telecommunications products and services to improve productivity and operate on the…

card not present fraud

Why card-not-present fraud is the most dangerous of card frauds

The cost of CNP goes beyond just the initial losses – given that trust is already at an all-time low, maintaining customer faith is critical.

How SMEs can use technology to prepare for growth in the new financial year

Automated invoice and expense management tools can help SMEs with compliance and better data insights into how their business is performing.

Six tips on avoiding tax identity theft

Too many businesses fall victim to tax identity theft due to a perceived lack of budget and resources to implement adequate cyber security measures.

tech high risk

Does high tech mean high risk for SMEs?

New technologies mean increased risk so SMEs need proper controls in place when they innovate.


Why robots are important to SMEs

With robots managing the repetitive tasks, the human workforce is free to focus on more strategic and creative tasks for themselves and the business.

POS, payment integraton

Partnership to offer smart payment integration

Westpac and Kounta partner to offer faster payment integration as Australia moves towards being a cashless society.

multifunction devices

How the multifunction device is posing a security threat

While they may seem harmless, multifunction devices are connected to the network, creating a potential cybersecurity breach point.

Payroll FinTech aims to make life easier for small and micro businesses

(ATO) research suggests that there are 100,000 small businesses which do not use any software at all for payroll purposes, and another 137,000 using o…

Agile marketing

Agility is the new flexibility

Agility requires the ability to take a breath, look around you and see the big picture. What’s happening in your sector and the wider community?


How to be productive by doing nothing

Doing nothing might not sound being productive, but having breaks could be the answer to getting through the work that you need to do each day.

merchant fees

Small businesses wasting hard-earned revenue on merchant fees

Many SMEs are burdened with hefty merchant fees imposed by payment service providers who charge a lot in cost routing.


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