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Four cybersecurity myths that are harming your small business

Despite a surge in remote work, one thing that hasn’t changed is the lack of cybersecurity awareness and protection in small businesses.

virtual payment

Why should SMEs look to virtual payment cards?

Virtual payment cards provide a great deal of convenience and security as a corporate solution for making online payments.

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Transitioning to the new normal

As businesses begin to reopen in this “new normal”, moving back to the workplace isn’t as straightforward as reverting to the way things were pre-pa…

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Digital app to help in fight against counterfeiters

“Counterfeiting damages legitimate wholesalers and retailers who invest in genuine products and robs the NRL Clubs of much-needed revenue.”

Why real-time visibility is essential for business continuity

Real-time visibility through cloud-based technologies can help SMEs manage cashflow better and reduce the risk of making ill-informed decisions.

social media presence

Social media is now obligatory, but how can you stand out?

Research suggests that consumers’ use of social media and messaging apps have increased during the pandemic and new digital habits are here to stay.

government funding

What does government’s $1.67 billion cybersecurity funding mean for SMEs?

The government has unveiled a strategy to ensure a better cybersecurity system in this country, but we also need to do our part in realising this visi…

Q&A: High mark for brothers offering comfort food in challenging times

Starting out as a side hustle, The Bearded Jaffle has become a thriving, full time enterprise by adopting technology and pivoting in the face of COVID…

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How accounts payable automation could help provide a road to COVID-19 recovery

Accounts payable automation can help keep cashflow running despite the challenges posed by COVID, with on-time invoice payments more assured.

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Three tips for small business to adapt to remote work

After experiencing the flexibility and agility that comes with remote work, three-quarters of us are keen to redefine how we work in the future.

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How small businesses can effectively plan for the new financial year

More than ever, in light of COVID-19, the new financial year is the time for small business owners to conduct a critical review of their business.

Three simple steps to protect data from human error

One of the most overlooked aspects of possible cyber threats are data loss and system outages caused by unintentional human errors.

How I grew a business opportunity through a pandemic

An entrepreneur shares her secrets to growing the sales of an online business in the midst of a pandemic adversely affecting so many SMEs.


SMEs eyeing local talent, digital shift in their pandemic response

“[SMEs] are embracing skilled local freelancers who are helping them find new ways to connect with customers in a rapidly changing world.”

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How AI helps small businesses thrive in competition

The pandemic has highlighted how AI technology – like chatbots and virtual assistants – helps businesses adapt to market challenges and stay compe…

Print sustainability tips to reduce your workplace environmental footprint

With a few simple adjustments you can create more sustainable printer practices and workflows that will please workers while protecting the bottom lin…


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