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Doing business with government

Educating yourself and your business on the nature of government purchasing has the potential to improve your bidding su...
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Overcoming a lack of capital to win government contracts

Adopting an evidence-based technique will enable you to bid for a lot more Government contracts than you would have prev...
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How SMEs can overcome size in dealing with government opportunities

Even if you own a small business, with some work and preparation, Government could become your most stable and profitabl...

Call for more support for local manufacturing

A successful entrepreneur argues the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed why the government should give a lot more support to...

Q&A: Artisan jewellery with a purpose

"My desire to produce ethical luxury jewellery meant that I needed to find a reliable source of not only ethical gold bu...

Australia’s first B2B sharing marketplace launched

The sharing marketplace will save businesses money on buying assets by allowing them to access items at an affordable pr...
Small business printing

What to look for in a small-business printer

As an SME owner you need maximum ROI from capital purchases so choose a versatile printer that can print, scan to email...

The future of procurement in a word: Intelligent

A new breed of cognitive technologies promises to push things even further in procurement.

The key steps to creating a uniform dress code

Ensure that the uniform dress code you impose on your team is suitable and practical for their roles.
Small business printing

A revolution in small business printing

The new technology creates a cost-effective, environmentally solution to small business printing.