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independent retailers

Smart, sophisticated strategies for independent retailers in 2021

For local, independent retailers now is a good time to reflect on the lessons learned in 2020 and identify a strategy to help them stand tall in 2021.

Five steps to selling your products better through video

It’s a good idea to keep your video snappy and to the point. as research shows, videos that are two minutes or less have a higher engagement rate.

fast-track, predictions, digital tools

Small business, big impact – the digital tools driving success

With the right digital tools, SMEs can bridge the gap between bricks-and-mortar and online retail to create a more effective omnichannel approach.


How to win at business online in 2021

Today’s consumers are time-poor and want to make quick decisions – they have to be won over within the first two to four seconds of going online.

Q&A: It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee

“We need to look not so much at how sustainability can benefit the coffee industry, but how coffee can benefit sustainability – the climate crisis i…

Computer says yes

Artificial Intelligence should not be seen as technology that is going to allow the big end of town to take over the world and leave us all jobless.

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in the LinkedIn basket

While LinkedIn is a great social network in marketing your business to prospective clients and customers, you should not rely on one network alone.

big media

How small business can influence big media

Constant movement within the big media line-ups is an opportunity – be the new expert they’re looking for by offering up fresh ideas.

Three ways SMEs can fall in love with their Valentine’s Day sales

SME owners wanting a share of lucrative Valentine’s Day mobile sales must ensure their online offering provides the best possible omni-channel exper…

marketing campaign

How small businesses can create an effective marketing campaign

Even with little resources, small businesses can be successful with their marketing campaign by being innovative, creative, and disruptive.

Getting social in tough times

For small businesses that aren’t sure how to get started, there is always the opportunity to jump on existing social media campaigns.


How to avoid a social media hangover after the break

The post-holiday period is usually a period of social media hangover, which can badly affect previous gains in audience engagement.

How to set up your social media for 2021

Top tips and strategies in creating an effective social media strategy for 2021 that boosts your profile with your target market.

Niche marketing the trend for 2021

While niche marketing is not an entirely new concept, there are new approaches in this brand of marketing that businesses should know about.

online retail, online business

Leading lessons for small business on pivoting online

Top tips for the many small businesses struggling with the challenge of having to move their businesses online for the first time.

online marketing, marketers

Building up the basics – Shuttle Digital’s results-focused approach to marketing

Shuttle Digital has a strong operation providing solid digital marketing services such as running Google and Facebook ads and setting up websites.


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