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Four steps SMEs should take to prepare for exporting

A comprehensive understanding of the chosen market – opportunities, risks, competitors, regulations, trends – is fundamental to exporting success.

AR and VR in marketing – obstacle or opportunity?

Despite being seemingly futuristic, augmented and virtual reality are just new ways to communicate and entertain, and they’re here to stay.

Augmented retail a reality

More and more retailers across the globe are making use of augmented reality to improve customer experience and boost sales.

Is your marketing in line with what is happening in the digital space?

While content remains king in the digital space, there are many changes and innovations being made in the online marketplace businesses should be awar…

Top ways business leaders can be more dynamic in 2020

The business basics that every SME should consider as they navigate their way to being dynamic and profitable in 2020 and beyond.

technology trends

Technology trends for 2020 that every business needs to know

Voice search and geofencing are two of the technology trends that will transform the way marketing is done in the next 12 months.

Three ways to improve engagement through SMS marketing

Integrating SMS into marketing automation workflows can help businesses elevate their marketing campaigns, making them more personalised and targeted.


The challenges I faced with my start-up and how I overcame them

An entrepreneur shares some lessons on how she effectively handled the challenges many business owners face with their start-ups.

How to effectively use video as a small business

Every video needs to produce a Return On Investment in some way, which means you need to pay close attention to what your audience wants.

Five reasons you should invest in PR for your business

Getting dedicated PR people helps save you time, money and energy in marketing your product or service and can take your business to the next level.

health tech

The importance of ethical products by health-tech companies

Any health-tech claiming they will revolutionise healthcare in the short-term is not only misleading but potentially acting unethically.

online business

Easy actions to help your online business hit its stride in 2020

Consider using email marketing to connect with your customers and make them feel involved with your online business in a more engaging way.

How to budget for, optimise, and run flash sales

With a bit of creative thinking, flash sales can push undecided customers into making that purchase they have been holding out on.

Social media marketing FAQs

Removing the confusion and misunderstandings about social media marketing through countless conversations with small-business owners.

Connecting with customers

PwC research shows that the growth of SMEs attributable to their use of Facebook has generated significant employment within Australia.

better business

10 resolutions for better business in 2020

The ten resolutions that every small-business owner should consider to help make their business become more profitable in 2020.


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