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Creating a meaningful impact with customer video testimonials

Video testimonials are efficient tools that any business can use to show authenticity and build trust in their brand among its target market.

consumer behaviour

Overcoming marketing resource crunch

SMEs may need to reconsider their existing strategies if they aim to better understand changing consumer behaviour and the channels they use.

Why your customers want stories, not ego

Customers want your content to be engaging and offer a solution to their problem – you can do that by sharing stories, but not delivered egotistical…


Turning customers into raving fans

All power in business has now shifted to customers – they look for the value and benefit that your business will deliver to them.


How to build a brand out of your influence

An entrepreneur couple share their tips as to how small-business owners can make use of their influence in building and growing their businesses.

arts and crafts

How traditional arts and crafts industries are moving online to keep up

An arts and crafts entrepreneur shares how she struggled to attract customers until discovering the benefits of online marketing.

award, young entrepreneurs, champion

Micro business wins big at Sydney business awards

A digital advertising agency with a team of three has won the micro business and regional business of the year award in Sydney.

Planning the future of retail

The key to success in the midst of the rapid changes in the retail industry today is to innovate continuously and rethink the fundamentals.

Customer acquisition: How to cut through the noise

With so many competitors vying for the customers’ attention, you need to stand out to ensure effective customer acquisition.

Why a photo booth needs to be part of your marketing strategy

The photo booth has become a powerful marketing tool that drives branded content and captures consumer data, with the consumer centre stage.

How to boost growth for your eCommerce website

Worldwide, trillions of dollars of online merchandise is abandoned in incomplete shopping carts every year because of complicated eCommerce checkouts.

Three tips for a successful 2019/20 financial year

Planning, automation of mundane tasks and a targeted marketing and branding strategy are key to growth in the new financial year.

Deepening customer relationships through influencer marketing

Despite the daunting nature of influencer marketing, it is a great way to deepen existing customer relationships, enter new markets, and drive sales.


Five lessons learned from generating two million+ leads

Knowing exactly how much it costs you to acquite a lead is the fastest way to scale an SME.

Five key strategies for creating authentic and entertaining social-media videos that inspire your audience to hit that share button, video content

How video is transforming business in five ways

Video is becoming more and more normalised as far as marketing strategies go and businesses would be missing out if they fail to utilise it.

Zeigarnik effect

Driving customer engagement

Customer engagement entails persuasion that requires you as a seller to tap into not just one but three layers of the consumer psyche.