Three logo design trends for 2019

Your logo should be able to connect with your audience while being in touch with the trends in the business world.

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Start-up offers free video marketing solution for selected businesses

A start-up is offering five lucky entrepreneurs a chance to trial its new video marketing solution that is set to launch in February.


Five hot digital tips to take your marketing to the next level

A good marketing strategy delivers on business objectives while developing a strong online presence and a seamless customer experience.

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Why it’s time to move on from old SEO strategies

With algorithms constantly changing, staying on top of the latest SEO practices is crucial in ensuring an effective online marketing campaign.

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Print vs. digital: which channel is relevant for your customer?

To help you understand which channel may be best for your customer base, here are the repsective benefits of print and digital marketing.

Sue Parker

Lifting the lid on personal branding

Strong and enticing personal branding is vital to stand out in that ocean – especially for service businesses.

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Five questions you need to ask your customers

Instead of trying to solve the problems from the get-go, business owners should reach out to their customers first and discover their needs.

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The mystical power of “brand”

Brand is vital – protect it carefully and make sure that every customer experience is a good one.


Five things I learnt starting an online business

Running an online business is not as simple as just throwing a few products up on your website and assuming they will sell well.

Crowdfunding Concept In Notepad Near Glowing Lightbulbs

How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is an enticing funding option but it can be difficult to pull off as only less than a third of campaigns reach their goals – here are som…

Hi Tech on a low budget

Hi Tech on a low budget

Many small-business owners suffer under the misconception that Hi Tech is “too expensive” for them, when it’s really not.

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Black Friday a flop for independent retailers

Despite the heavy marketing Black Friday in-store sales have been dismal for smaller retailers as consumers are spending less this year than last.

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The colour of your branding impacts your bottom line

Colour is an overlooked yet important element that helps make your brand stand out to your customers.

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Q&A: The secret is in the blend for flavoursome start-up

“Women all around the world are connecting with the need for me-time and managing our wellbeing, and I believe that’s where tea comes into play.”


Leveraging social media to compete with the big boys

How a manufacturing entrepreneur used social media to take on, and compete with, the giants of the DIY industry.


Why you need to add WeChat to your marketing mix

Australian businesses are missing out on a slice of the enormous Chinese market by not adding WeChat as one of their social media platforms.


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