Changing it up: marketing and doing business in uncertain times

In these uncertain times SME owners need to find ways of doing business and servicing their customers in whatever way possible.

Marketing during Coronavirus: how to adapt for crisis or recession

Reorienting your marketing communication when a crisis hits can be very challenging, but is necessary so your business can continue to thrive.

How small budget businesses can leverage technology to survive

An online ordering platform is one way businesses with a small budget can fight back and stay afloat in these most challenging of times.

data mining, suppliers, AI

AI is coming for your boring small-business tasks!

SMEs arguably needs AI more than big copps – with fewer employees and fewer resources, harnessing it can allow you to do more with less.

Marketing tips to give your new online business a kickstart

A good online marketing strategy is about finding what resonates with your audience and doing more of it while not spending much money.


How to prepare for business peaks and troughs

While peaks and troughs are commonplace, it is a business’ ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that ultimately determines success.

dubious data

Why dubious data could derail your sales and marketing

Sales and marketing campaigns based on data obtained in a dubious manner can expect to receive pushback from the customers they intend to target.

Discover the latest trends, tech and strategies for success at B2B EXPO

B2B EXPO 2020 is a one-stop-shop event that connects businesses across all industries with the best services, ideas and products available this year.

Getting the most out of marketing

How do you grow your market share at a time when customers are cutting back on spending you’re fight for visibility in a crowded marketing space?

Bernadette Schwerdt

Five surprising reasons you (still) need a business card

In the midst of the rush to make everything digital, the business card still remains important in more ways than just conveying contact details.


Four steps SMEs should take to prepare for exporting

A comprehensive understanding of the chosen market – opportunities, risks, competitors, regulations, trends – is fundamental to exporting success.

AR and VR in marketing – obstacle or opportunity?

Despite being seemingly futuristic, augmented and virtual reality are just new ways to communicate and entertain, and they’re here to stay.

Augmented retail a reality

More and more retailers across the globe are making use of augmented reality to improve customer experience and boost sales.

Is your marketing in line with what is happening in the digital space?

While content remains king in the digital space, there are many changes and innovations being made in the online marketplace businesses should be awar…

Top ways business leaders can be more dynamic in 2020

The business basics that every SME should consider as they navigate their way to being dynamic and profitable in 2020 and beyond.

technology trends

Technology trends for 2020 that every business needs to know

Voice search and geofencing are two of the technology trends that will transform the way marketing is done in the next 12 months.


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