Why you need to add WeChat to your marketing mix

Australian businesses are missing out on a slice of the enormous Chinese market by not adding WeChat as one of their social media platforms.

Facebook ads

Top tips on using Facebook advertising for your small business

A successful Facebook advertising campaign is about knowing not only your target market but also utilising all the tools available.

lead generation

How to boost lead generation on social media in a sales slump

A solid lead generation strategy across all social media channels ensures that businesses are reaching the right people at all times.

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Aussie firm takes on the Internet giants

The concept behind the new OnSale online marketing platform is aiming to create a more level playing field for small business who struggle to be found…

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Selling in an Australian voice

Australian SMEs should take advantage of the natural and conversational Aussie voice to market themselves to the world.

instagram, social media

Five key content types for businesses on Instagram

Five content ideas small businesses can utilise for effective engagement and marketing of their products and services through Instagram.

lead generation

How to fine tune your lead generation

There’s no need to return to the old way of doing sales – you can build a really effective lead generation strategy using the power of Google.

How to win small-business customer loyalty

The great myth of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not enough – you need to be truly appreciated to generate a loyal following.

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A crash course in optimising your business branding

Perception of your branding will be influenced by all experiences with it, including publicity, word of mouth, advertising and marketing strategies.

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Keep your customers coming back with strategic email marketing

Mobile phone use is at an all time high, so ensuring email marketing can be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices is vital.

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Where to source inspiration for your next blog post

The content you produce through your blog post should help influence potential customers into making a buying decision you desire them to make.


How small business entrepreneurs can leverage online marketplaces

Last year over 50 per cent of Australian online sales were generated from marketplaces like eBay, Google Shopping, and Catch – without a marketplace p…


Five ways to use Facebook to grow your sales

Facebook marketing is not so much about what you want to deliver, but rather what your audience wants to read.

data privacy

Data privacy concerns impacting Australian SMEs

Concerns over data privacy among consumers are hindering SMEs in their efforts to gather customer data that is critical to their sales and marketing s…

Writing note showing Influencer Marketing. Business photo showcasing Endorser who Influence Potential Target Customers

The power of influencers in small business

While still relatively a new channel many businesses have swiftly embraced influencers because of their reach, affordability and flexibility.

Social Proof People Network Circle Group 3d Illustration

The power of social proof in marketing

It’s better to have no proof than low proof – certain forms of social proof can hinder the goal of conversion if it appears unpopular.


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