social media advertising

How social media advertising can help grow sales for small business

Social media advertising allows for a far more targeted campaign and greater engagement but by eschewing social media many small businesses are yet to…

Digital Marketing

Five small business digital-marketing tools

Five simple, inexpensive tools small businesses can use to stand out form their peers on social media.

ANDERSON Kerry Book 2016 1 ols

The importance of telling your story

Sharing your story can help explain who you are and what you stand for, encouraging more customers to decide on doing business with you.

Along with knowing how to use social media and digital channels well can help you create awareness and set yourself up for success.

Is it possible to choose success?

Seven factors restricting the success of female entrepreneurs, and how to overcome them.

Nicolette Maury pic

Building and maintaining your online profile in 2018

The most effective way to build your personal brand is by engaging with your customer on a personal level, with a clear idea of how you want to be see…

leads, sales

The fastest and easiest ways to turn more leads into sales

Testimonials help convert leads into sales, enticing prospective customers to buy a product or service through a form of third-party persuasion.

Naturally Good Expo

How to target the next generation of shoppers – Gen Z

If businesses want to make a lasting impression on Gen Z, they need to establish a purpose that resonates with their strong values.


How to infuse your brand into customer experience

People seek a personalised customer experience, one that will engage and connect them to the brand and provide personal fulfillment.

wifi, wifi hotspot

Five factors to consider when rolling out free customer Wi-Fi

When offering free wireless connectivity you need to know how, where, and when visitors are using it so you maximise your investment and optimise the …

eCommerce shopping

The future of commerce is online – are you?

Top tips on creating an eStore that stands out and pulls the customers in.

marketing plan, marketing mistake

The biggest mistake small-business owners make

Too many business owners make the mistake of sitting back and relying on their marketing to do all the work of bringing customers to them.

CRM software

How CRM adoption gives SMEs a competitive advantage

Debunking the myth that CRM solutions are complex, time-consuming, and the root of a “Big Brother” fear.

Q&A Berringa_Honey_Joe_Baini

Q&A: The sweet taste of success

Highlighting the health benefits of Manuka honey has enabled Berringa to position its products as more of a health food than just something tasty you …

Business plan

Planned disasters: what value is a business plan?

A business plan is too often prepared by the champion of an idea who is convinced about its likely success before they even start.

ANDERSON Kerry Book 2016 1 ols

To export or not to export – that is the question

The common mistakes many small-business owners make when they are looking to export their products or services.

Brand loyalty

Positioning your brand in the sweet spot

Four key principles to positioning yourself right in the sweet spot between mass and class and getting your product to sell.


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