dubious data, customer data program

How a customer data platform can supercharge your marketing

Faced with the challenge of huge amounts of fragmented data many SMEs are embracing the concept of a Customer Data Platform.

Online only now? Five digital marketing tips

Five top tips for small businesses who have suddenly found themselves having to operate exclusively online for the first time.

online retail store, online store

How to move your store online and ramp up sales without paying a fortune

Opening an online retail store operation has never been easier, but you also need to make sure you create a worthwhile online experience as well..

marketing plan, marketing mistake

Fast and simple strategies for marketing your business now

Few SMEs are flushed with extra cash to funnel into big marketing campaigns but there are other ways to ensure customers know what you’re up to.


Should you continue to sell in times of crisis?

In a crisis you need to continue to market and to sell – you just need to be smart about how that happens and adapt to the changed circumstances.

How to build a robust business from the get-go

You can have the best copy, most beautiful imagery and a finely-targeted Facebook campaign but without product-market fit you have nothing!

How to write for your brand in this depressing new world – Part 1

There is an art to content marketing in a time of crisis, and the old rules go out of the window – here are the strategies you need to get the tone ri…

visual images

How small businesses can get out of a visual rut

As a way to boost your digital presence, deploying engaging visual imagery can be a quick yet powerful way to stand out among your online competitors.…

Your five-phase Coronavirus contingency plan for SMEs

As the severity of COVID-19 evolves, it has never been more vital to have a strategic contingency plan to navigate through this ongoing issue.

instagram, social media

Five steps to market your business on Instagram through a crisis

Remember, Instagram is about two-way communication so stay connected on the platform – even if your doors in real life have been temporarily closed.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: Seven ways to find more customers in tough times

A best-selling author and business coach on how to pivot your business and discover the best ways to find new customers in these challenging times.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: the post pandemic brand-building blueprint

Customer experience expert Amanda Stevens answers all your questions around marketing and brand building in a post-pandemic environment.

How small businesses can leverage trends to stand out from the crowd

Understanding current design, creative, and cultural trends is one way local businesses can be unique and build stronger relationships with their cust…

Why social media will be vital for businesses throughout this pandemic

Social media usage rates are expected to spike as people self-isolate in their homes, making it the ideal marketing tool during the crisis.

Q&A: If the shoe fits, wear it!

How a podiatrist overcame the issue of finding footwear that was both fashionable and comfortable for her clients by opening her own shoe store.

Five principles you can implement today with no marketing experience

Regardless of your level of marketing experience, getting the word out about your new business venture is crucial in the early stages.


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