How I grew a business opportunity through a pandemic

An entrepreneur shares her secrets to growing the sales of an online business in the midst of a pandemic adversely affecting so many SMEs.


SMEs eyeing local talent, digital shift in their pandemic response

“[SMEs] are embracing skilled local freelancers who are helping them find new ways to connect with customers in a rapidly changing world.”


How to ensure your retail app gets results in lockdown and beyond

An engaging app that creates a solid return on investment could prove to be vital for retailers recovering from the pandemic.


How you can be more transparent in your selling approach

What customers need right now is understanding and empathy, so make sure you take the time to be available and offer them the time they need.

Why you’re better off staying local

Local businesses deserve to be supported as they provide a unique touch and a level of ongoing support rarely offered by larger businesses.

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How to keep your e-commerce platform up to date

Once you have launched your e-commerce website, it is important that you keep it up-to-date and protected at all times to ensure a positive user exper…

Adjust your marketing now, or be eaten alive in a post-COVID world

It is more important than ever to adjust our marketing efforts and put out the right tone in our communications, or the business will be gone for good…

Seven Facebook advertising tips you need to do right now

While Facebook ads is a great way to rapidly grow your audience and make sales, if you don’t know what to do, it’s also a fast way to waste money.

retail industry, reopen

The beautiful new dawn of independent retail is coming

The hallmark of great independent retail is a beautiful customer experience, and without your staff you can’t possibly deliver that.

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Seven post-pandemic digital marketing tips no SME should miss out on

Why this is the ideal time to review all your digital marketing strategies and ensure you’re best placed to take advantage when the economy picks up a…

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How a customer data platform can supercharge your marketing

Faced with the challenge of huge amounts of fragmented data many SMEs are embracing the concept of a Customer Data Platform.

Online only now? Five digital marketing tips

Five top tips for small businesses who have suddenly found themselves having to operate exclusively online for the first time.

online retail store, online store

How to move your store online and ramp up sales without paying a fortune

Opening an online retail store operation has never been easier, but you also need to make sure you create a worthwhile online experience as well..

marketing plan, marketing mistake

Fast and simple strategies for marketing your business now

Few SMEs are flushed with extra cash to funnel into big marketing campaigns but there are other ways to ensure customers know what you’re up to.


Should you continue to sell in times of crisis?

In a crisis you need to continue to market and to sell – you just need to be smart about how that happens and adapt to the changed circumstances.

How to build a robust business from the get-go

You can have the best copy, most beautiful imagery and a finely-targeted Facebook campaign but without product-market fit you have nothing!


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