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Powering your business with digital automation

Digital automation technology allows you to not only automate time-wasting, repetitive tasks but also provides a better customer and employee experien…

From the skies to the aisles

Five top tips on pivoting to get your niche products into the aisles of the major supermarkets and independent retail chains.

Creating brand awareness with an outside the box marketing plan

Your marketing plan should cover all aspects, even the packaging as that serves as your customer’s first impression of your product.

Life after Facebook: strategic marketing questions SMEs should consider

Recent issues with Facebook should make SMEs reconsider their social media marketing strategies and have a second look at other platforms.

Q&A: Never never giving up the recipe for success for gin-producing trio

A love for the complex flavour and the science behind outstanding gin led to three mates founding a successful distilling business.

Ethical digital marketing – a partnership results-driven focus

It is essential to partner with a digital marketing agency with expertise in the latest digital trends, algorithms and marketing campaign development.

buyer personas

Uncovering buyer personas for hyper-targeted marketing

Digging into buyer personas helps you to uncover what people like about your product and what their priorities were when they chose to buy from you.

Five benefits of an omnichannel marketing strategy for small businesses

An omnichannel marketing strategy makes for a better customer experience which in turns helps in the growth of your business.

unified, omnichannel

Unified retail: a great challenge, but an even greater opportunity

Having unified online and offline strategies to create a seamless omnichannel approach will benefit both the business and the customer.

Retail Association calls on Government to deliver $5k loans to bricks-and-mortar retailers

The NRA is calling on the federal government to provide $5000 loans to small-business retailers that rely on bricks-and-mortar shopping.

Offshoring Angela Vidler Diversify

Why there is value in offshore developers for small businesses

Offshore developers represent a huge opportunity for SME owners to commission a valuable skill set much more affordably than what’s available locall…

iOS 14 and increased privacy: what it means for your small business

Apple is enforcing stricter privacy measures for all apps via ios 14, forcing a need to rethink marketing strategy and diversify.


Personalisation: building an effective SMS communication strategy

With lockdowns and forced closures, many small-business owners transformed their systems, adopting SMS as a low cost but highly effective channel.

Digital store-front displays in retail – moving on from traditional signage

BenQ projectors create bold, eye-catching digital displays on window glass prepared with a proprietary clear film, eliminating the need for a screen.

organic content

2021 holds promise for small businesses – capitalise on it with compelling content

With some simple steps to ensure your content connects in a genuine way, your small business can stand out, broaden its customer base and drive growth…

How to build a customer avatar and market towards them

Determining and buiding your customer avatar will help you create a marketing strategy that is more effective in reaching your target audience.


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