Five key strategies for creating authentic and entertaining social-media videos that inspire your audience to hit that share button, video content

How video is transforming business in five ways

Video is becoming more and more normalised as far as marketing strategies go and businesses would be missing out if they fail to utilise it.

Zeigarnik effect

Driving customer engagement

Customer engagement entails persuasion that requires you as a seller to tap into not just one but three layers of the consumer psyche.

marketing plan, marketing mistake

The real secret to maximising your marketing reach

Marketing practices constantly evolve but there are a few things that will remain constant, such as being honest and being focused on the customer.

Digital marketing skills and financial literacy top SME wishlist

Many small businesses would like to learn more about digital marketing and being able to grow their finances as keys to their growth in the next year.

taglines, promotional materials

The expert’s rulebook to designing maximum-impact promotional materials

Your promotional materials should be able to make an impact on your target customers, so they to play with your customers’ attention and emotions.


How to produce quality videos that cost you $0

Videos are one best tools around to increase conversion rates – it’s a no brainer to share the cost of video reviews for the products that you are s…


One in four SMEs discount their products too much

More than half of SMEs often rely on weekly or monthly discount offers rather than focusing on effective marketing techniques.

online engagement

How to improve online engagement with customers

The key to a successful online engagement effort is being able to provide well thought-out responses to your customers’ questions or concerns.

brick and mortar online, online store, headless commerce

Is your retail business ready for headless commerce?

Headless commerce is still in its early stages but it is something that innovative and digitally-driven businesses should look into.


Retailers urged to focus on digital catalogue consumer habits

With more people reading catalogues digitally, retailers should carefully consider their marketing plans and budget to take this into account.


Three ways to avoid common multichannel selling mistakes

“While adopting a multichannel strategy can no doubt be advantageous for a business, not having the right processes and systems in place can be disast…

Six steps to successfully target any audience in 2019

How any business can successfully reach an audience despite the many changes in the marketing environment.

Three ways to engage your customers while they’re on the go

Businesses should have a mobile strategy to effectively engage with a market that has further embraced mobile technology.

Four reasons why your marketing strategy may be failing

As the key consumer buying season comes to a close, reevaluating current marketing strategies and finding what is failing could save your brand.

trademark, business name

Business name or trademark – what’s the difference?

In some ways, a business name and a trademark can be the same thing, but regulations in Australia distinguishes one from the other.

Digital boost to sales, headless commerce

How headless commerce will keep your business a step ahead

Going headless provides businesses the flexibility to improve commerce technology and boost customer engagement, without sacrificing one for the other…


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