video interviews

The pivot to video that is powering small businesses

Small businesses are recognising the power of video for everything from live events to marketing, customer engagement and communications.

Just send them a text: leveraging SMS for business

Effective SMS communications facilitate higher customer engagement and conversion with an average response rate of 30 per cent.

Marketing strategies for B2C versus B2B

For B2B marketing, the number one priority is lead generation – seeking out prospects to target and interact with in order to make the sale.

Iso insights

Mothers used the iso slow-down to critically re-evaluate their lives – what was working, what wasn’t – and to set new goals.

How being strategic can help your business and team

If you want your small business to prosper and grow you need a strategic plan and the flexibility to adapt for ongoing changes.

Is marketing automation right for you?

Marketing automation it delivers a highly-personalised customer experience, improving your chances of converting leads into customers.

E-commerce trends to transform your business in 2021

As texting has always been reserved for friends and family, SMS marketing helps shoppers feel more connected with a brand.

Creating a COVID Christmas

Holiday-related searches on Pinterest started increasing from April this year as many craved the comfort and excitement of the holiday season.

Step into the SME spotlight

More and more businesses are growing their online presence because they are all clamouring and fighting for their piece of the “internet pie”.

The small business trends you need to know to succeed in 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic, 2021 promises some new trends that small businesses can easily adapt to in order to thrive.

email marketing

10 email marketing tips for SMEs to get ahead this holiday season

Segmentation is one of the most important email tactics out there – identifying a razor-sharp segment is always good for business.

The top five online marketing mistakes businesses make

Tracking metrics, for example, key performance indicators (KPIs), help to optimise your business’s online marketing strategy.

personal brand

Stay on target

By understanding and addressing the target customer needs, wants and desires you can create a brand that will be relevant and appealing to them.

email marketing

The power of email marketing for small businesses

Email marketing is an economical, effective and valuable method of brand promotion that enables you to reach your audience more effectively.

Five tips to save your small business money

Look across all areas of your business, from operations to office maintenance, to see what is adding value and where you could save money.

Starting a retail business entails a mountain of preparation, but help is available for identifying all the issues that need to be addressed, months

How the first 12 months of business should look

Ensuring your shift to becoming a business owner is a successful one depends on how you plan the first 12 months of your business.


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