Nigel Collin

Exploring digital territory

How small businesses can leverage and benefit from digital sales and marketing when they are not a digital or social media specialist.

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Five reasons your business should do content marketing

Every SME should look at content marketing as an investment to ensure the growth of their business.

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Marketing is all about building relationships

Real Entrepreneur Mums has grown in two years from a couple of groups in Sydney’s Hills district to 11 communities in Sydney and one each in Adelaid…


The power of voice: how branding will shape the future of eCommerce

Branding in today’s market entails being omnipresent at all times, utilising the right channels and the right strategies for greater effectiveness.

Social media marketing

The realities of social media marketing

Contrary to the expectation of many business owners, social media marketing alone does not guarantee the success of your product or service.


Three key considerations when designing a digital customer experience program

Operational and customer experience data can combine to give you a holistic view of how consumers engage through your digital platforms.

Writing note showing Influencer Marketing. Business photo showcasing Endorser who Influence Potential Target Customers

Five tips for a killer influencer marketing strategy

It is important to be mindful that influencer marketing is actually a partnership and that when working together, both reputations are on the line.

Nigel Collin

How to find a market gap – or let it find you

Not all great business ideas will come from you – if you are prepared to listen, watch and observe you may just find the perfect market gap to exploit…

B2B Expo 2107

Three reasons your marketing team should be attending exhibitions

Exhibitions are inspiring places to visit where you learn something new, hear from market and industry leaders and see new and exciting products and s…

Music (2)

Music proves increasingly crucial in the future of marketing

“Millennials place greater importance on music in marketing, so businesses should be planning now to cater for future success with the consumers of to…


How retailers can revolutionise in-store experiences and compete with the online market

Integrating technology into stores can help retailers overcome the challenges posed by digitalisation and find more profitable ways to grow in the sho…

Lisa Evans

The things I wish I knew before starting my business

Knowing what to expect before starting your own business can save you time, energy and heartache.

Video marketing

Top five video marketing tips for small business

Video marketing has never been easier – all you need to get started is an up-to-date mobile phone and a basic tripod.

Generation Z

Four tips for small businesses trying to win over Generation Z

Too many brands are overlooking Generating Z in their marketing and sales strategies despite the fact that these young people are the buyers of tomor…


How to turn sport into business

“Sport is not only a fantastic way to remain fit and healthy but it’s also something that with the right tools can be turned into a living.”

Paper sheet with text MARKETING PLAN on table

A five-step guide to marketing your small business

Small-business owners have never had greater access to cost-effective, measurable marketing tools than they do today.


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