What’s in a name? For an app, a lot

An app’s name plays an important part in its branding, so it’s important to choose a name that will appeal to potential users.

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A crash course in optimising your business branding

Perception of your branding will be influenced by all experiences with it, including publicity, word of mouth, advertising and marketing strategies.

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The power of influencers in small business

While still relatively a new channel many businesses have swiftly embraced influencers because of their reach, affordability and flexibility.


The power of sponsorships and naming rights for small business

“Sponsorships and naming rights make for a wise decision if you are looking to boost your business profile and want to give back.”


Is CX the goldmine to a successful brand?

Creating truly outstanding CX begins with businesses understanding their customer’s psyche.


The importance of business branding for small businesses

Nailing your business branding creates a key delineation from your competitors and is great for marketing purposes.

SME trade with China

Eight tips for cracking the Chinese market – Part 2

Cultural awareness and building partnerships are key to Australian businesses being successful in the Chinese market.

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Four digital tips for small businesses from Google

Every month, in Australia, Google search drives tens of millions of direct digital connections between businesses and their customers.

2018 Australian Craft Beer Survey

Australia’s best craft brewery revealed

A third different winner of best craft brewery in three years by a company only two years old highlights how young and dynamic the Australian craft be…


Starting out and standing out

Implementing effective differentiation strategies is one of the most important factors in helping start-ups stand out and eventually succeed.

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Tips on using Instagram for your small business

With its new features Instagram is the fastest growing social-media platform today and one of the best places to showcase your brand.

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Could your business use an Instagram “micro-influencer”?

As an influencer often exchanges product/s for their promotion they are an very cost effective way for small businesses with limited budgets to grow t…


How to stand out in a crowded marketplace

When it comes to CX you need to understand where your company needs to go from a customer needs perspective and where it wants to go from a visionary …

Wooden signpost with two opposite arrows over green leaves background. BACKWARD versus FORWARD directional signs Choice concept image

How to know when to scale a start-up up or down

Having a high number of loyal customers is a sign that your business is ready for growth, and if you don’t – you aren’t ready for scaling up yet…


How SMEs can build their employer brand to attract top talent

Big businesses may have more money for luxury perks but SMEs take the lead when it comes to local, personal or quirky benefits that top talent truly v…

trade events

Why trade events are still of value to small businesses

Trade events are a powerful platform for small businesses to attract a potentially larger market and should be part of every business’s marketing mix.


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