Nigel Collin

How to successfully compete with the giants

The secret to being able to compete successfully with big players is still good old-fashioned quality service.

Chris Strode, Founder, Invoice2go

Keep the cash flowing: five ways to secure repeat customers

People who trust your brand can be more than repeat customers – they become important advocates for your business.

Freshly baked homemade bagels with onion sesame seed poppy seed cream cheese and butter.

5 & Dime Bagels – baking up business success

Baking quality bagels based on traditional cooking methods forged the success of this homegrown brand.

Corporate uniforms

Seven simple ways to accessorise corporate wear for women

Adding your own personality and style to your corporate wear can be achieved with one or two statement items.

Employer Branding

How to market your business as an employer of choice

Being an employer of choice basically means that people really want to work for you.

customer experience CX

How customer experience programs drive better business results

Customer experience programs should be a priority for every business looking to develop a strong brand.

How to play big as a small guy

How to play big as a small guy

Your brand can influence your net worth so position yourself correctly to play big.

e-commerce evolution

Don’t sleep through the online marketplace revolution

To ride the eCommerce evolution wave don’t get tied up with fixing old mistakes.

How to conduct audit for your corporate uniform

How to conduct an audit for your corporate uniform

Put together a corporate uniform that showcases your brand.


Common mistakes business owners are still making – Part 2

Among the common mistakes of SME owners is underestimating how invaluable networks can be.


Three top tips to make 2017 your best business year yet

2017 could be your best business year by making customers happy and promoting your brand with an effective marketing campaign.


Workers fear future job prospects as employers face digital skills shortages

One in two Australian workers fear they lack the digital skills for future employability.

Clark Rubber

Build your future with a retail icon

Clark Rubber franchisees enjoy the combined stock buying power that only comes from being part of a large national network.


Luxury car rental becomes affordable through the sharing economy

A sharing service drives affordability of luxury car rental than traditional companies.

Australian Made

Australia Day – a great day to get behind the “green and gold”

Celebrate Australia Day by purchasing homegrown produce stamped with the famous green and gold kangaroo logo.

How to start the year right: throw away your business plan

How to start the year right: throw away your business plan

How ditching your business plan can make you more dynamic and stronger in the long run.


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