How small-business leaders can improve their employer brand through social media

Employer brand plays a key role in attracting the best talent to your business, so you need to be visible and clear about what you stand for.


How to successfully launch your business

With the right planning and preparation, it’s possible to have a succcessful business launch that gets the attention of your target market.

Global pandemic turning Aussies into midnight shoppers

People’s mindsets have changed and they are less concerned with sticking to the regular shopping hours to which we once adhered.

Does your social storytelling sizzle?

Storytelling is a powerful way for your brand to cut through digital noise by engaging in meaningful interactions with existing or prospective custome…

Q&A: A new frontier for ethical pet food

Diana Scott’s pet food business only sells products made of 100 per cent high-welfare ingredients and is on a mission to eradicvate factory farming.

AuMake launching social marketplace for Australian brands

AuMake will help Australian brands to connect with Asian influencers and their social networks, allowing access to new customers in the region.

Back to basics: the fundamentals that are critical for business survival

Even during a pandemic, the fundamentals remain the same – customers still have problems, and businesses are still here to help solve those problems.

Four simple ways to differentiate yourself online and become the go-to brand

A brand that attracts a cult-like following has done the work to build a thriving community, engage with their audience and tell a meaningful story.

digital tools

Creating a digital brand that sets your small business apart

Whatever industry you’re in, a strong digital brand is vital for not only securing sales but also fostering trust and connection.

social media

How social media can be hurting your brand

Just because there are multiple social media platforms doesn’t mean you need to be active on all of them – each offers your audience something differe…


It’s time for business to step up and lead us out of COVID

Smart brands and businesses are taking the lead in getting the economy moving again by following five keys to communications success.


How to create a supportive community for like-minded businesses

Having a community of SME owners aligned either on values or vision creates a forum to share resources, knowledge and support.

Why you’re better off staying local

Local businesses deserve to be supported as they provide a unique touch and a level of ongoing support rarely offered by larger businesses.

Slow fashion, sustainable fashion and how brands can help

The demand for fast fashion has led big brands to find ways to lower prices resulting not only in inferior quality but also a degraded environment.

How to write for your brand in this depressing new world – Part 2

The Q&A format is a good approach to crisis communications as it forces you to think from your audience’s point of view and shows you’re in tune…

What I have learnt on my start-up journey

How an interior design made the transition to entrepreneurship and started her own fashion tech business…and what she has learnt along the way.


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