Post-pandemic consumer preferences revealed

New research highlights a shift in consumer preferences since the pandemic, with online retailers the biggest winners in a tough time.

The digital fix

Just because there are multiple social media platforms doesn’t mean you need to be active on every single one – focusing on too many dilutes your me…

Creating a COVID Christmas

Holiday-related searches on Pinterest started increasing from April this year as many craved the comfort and excitement of the holiday season.

Step into the SME spotlight

More and more businesses are growing their online presence because they are all clamouring and fighting for their piece of the “internet pie”.

What’s love got to do with it?

Just four little letters can transform a business on the brink of defeat, and blow wind into the sails of one ready to take off – those letters are LO…

The power of story

As a start-up owner, your story is the very essence of your business. our story is the why you started your business, the how, what, when, where and w…

personal brand

Stay on target

By understanding and addressing the target customer needs, wants and desires you can create a brand that will be relevant and appealing to them.

Rethinking Christmas: How should small businesses approach the festive season?

In a time where we are so socially distant, small businesses now have the perfect opportunity to leverage the power of social media.

Influencer marketing: three expert tips to grow your reach in 2021

Influencer marketing has proven to be inherently successful in helping SMEs grow their reach and increase engagement in their target audience.

Navigating social media during COVID-19

Make sure your social media content is sensitive and tells a story that is relevant to both these times and your brand’s audience.

Strategy for marketing success

A brand strategy provides all the necessary hardwiring required for sales success – it is so much more than simply advertising.

Four ways workplace uniforms help unite remote teams

Workplace Uniforms are worn across multiple industries, from retail uniforms that help customers identify staff members to hygienic medical uniforms.


Top tips on starting and scaling a business

The founder of a supplements business reveals how a positive review on social media was the turning point on the road to growth and success.

Your CSR program should be improving staff morale, increasing your staff retention rates and it should be a profit centre to the business.

How to launch a sustainable small business

The more structured, well-thought-out sustainable decisions you make early on, the better chance your company has for success and positive impact.


In branding, it’s the last five per cent that really counts

Similar to how so many sporting results are never decided until the last minute, it’s the “finish” that really counts to your branding success.

How small-business leaders can improve their employer brand through social media

Employer brand plays a key role in attracting the best talent to your business, so you need to be visible and clear about what you stand for.


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