Personal branding tips for olderpreneurs

We are living longer, looking younger and social norms are changing rapidly – an ideal environment for olderpreneurs to fulfill their ambitions.


Small business branding essentials

An investigation of the critical elements when it comes to your branding essentials so you create the right perceptions in the mind of the marketplace…

Cheap Loans

How leveraging a business loan could benefit your retail business – Part 2

If you are planning to expand your business into new channels you may need a business loan to bridge the gap until you start generating extra sales.

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Brand before metrics

A business with a solid brand foundation in place helps provide favourable metrics that will enable its growth.

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How authenticity can help build your business

With people becoming more cynical about business and the products and services they offer, truth is the most effective marketing weapon a business can…


The keys to capturing the modern market

Social media is a highly competitive landscape so it has never been more important to be able to tell your brand’s authentic story and leverage your b…

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Say no to business brain-pickers

Don’t be afraid of charging other business owners when they ask to pick your brain as doing this shows you value your time that you’re giving up top h…

Personal brand

Five reasons to take control of your personal brand today

A recent Harvard Business Review article stated “Taking control of your personal brand may mean the difference between an unfulfilling job and a rew…

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Building and maintaining your online profile in 2018

The most effective way to build your personal brand is by engaging with your customer on a personal level, with a clear idea of how you want to be see…

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How to target the next generation of shoppers – Gen Z

If businesses want to make a lasting impression on Gen Z, they need to establish a purpose that resonates with their strong values.


How to infuse your brand into customer experience

People seek a personalised customer experience, one that will engage and connect them to the brand and provide personal fulfillment.

good idea, great idea

Starting a business is more than just a good idea

Some people may have a good idea they may be enthusiastic about, but how much further they are willing to go for the business determines success or fa…

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The disconnect between social media and being social

A consistent business persona on both social media and outside it avoids a feeling of confusion and distrust among customers.

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How small businesses can be tech-savvy to thrive online

Given today’s digital landscape it is essential a business is tech-savvy and has an online presence.

Brand loyalty

Positioning your brand in the sweet spot

Four key principles to positioning yourself right in the sweet spot between mass and class and getting your product to sell.

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Using The Branding Bare Necessities – Part 2

If your audience does not respond favourably to your branding efforts it is more likely due to the messaging rather than the product or service itself…


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