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Building your small-business website: hire a designer or do it yourself?

Whether you hire a designer or build your own website, understanding your purpose and a professional-looking site should be your priorities.

Mark Troester 2015

Chatbots: hot or not?

The best type of chatbot is when customers are unaware they are not interacting with a human – to achieve this the automated communication needs to be…

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Q&A: Non-toxic varnishes hit the nail on the head

A self-funded small business is revolutionising the products available in nail salons and through a toxin-free, eco-friendly approach to production an…


The power of voice: how branding will shape the future of eCommerce

Branding in today’s market entails being omnipresent at all times, utilising the right channels and the right strategies for greater effectiveness.

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Music proves increasingly crucial in the future of marketing

“Millennials place greater importance on music in marketing, so businesses should be planning now to cater for future success with the consumers of to…

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The logistics of a good logo

A logo that represents the attributes of your company can have a significant effect on customer engagement and, in turn, on company performance.

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Q&A: The sweet taste of sugar-free success

A nine-year journey has taken Nexba’s naturally sugar-free drinks from the kernel of an idea formed in Mexico to the shelves of one of the UK’s larges…

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Delivering your brand

It is vital your brand stands out from your competitors and creates marketing which excites customers about the potential of home delivery.


Three logo design trends for 2019

Your logo should be able to connect with your audience while being in touch with the trends in the business world.

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Print vs. digital: which channel is relevant for your customer?

To help you understand which channel may be best for your customer base, here are the repsective benefits of print and digital marketing.

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Lifting the lid on personal branding

Strong and enticing personal branding is vital to stand out in that ocean – especially for service businesses.


The mystical power of “brand”

Brand is vital – protect it carefully and make sure that every customer experience is a good one.

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Five tips that will take a conference to the next level

Having a presence at a conference can be the ideal way to get you closer to your audience or expand your target market.

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The recipe for small-business success

The recipe for business success entails having the right values and attitudes that puts emphasis on focus.

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The colour of your branding impacts your bottom line

Colour is an overlooked yet important element that helps make your brand stand out to your customers.

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Q&A: The secret is in the blend for flavoursome start-up

“Women all around the world are connecting with the need for me-time and managing our wellbeing, and I believe that’s where tea comes into play.”


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