It’s time for business to step up and lead us out of COVID

Smart brands and businesses are taking the lead in getting the economy moving again by following five keys to communications success.


How to create a supportive community for like-minded businesses

Having a community of SME owners aligned either on values or vision creates a forum to share resources, knowledge and support.

Why you’re better off staying local

Local businesses deserve to be supported as they provide a unique touch and a level of ongoing support rarely offered by larger businesses.

Slow fashion, sustainable fashion and how brands can help

The demand for fast fashion has led big brands to find ways to lower prices resulting not only in inferior quality but also a degraded environment.

How to write for your brand in this depressing new world – Part 2

The Q&A format is a good approach to crisis communications as it forces you to think from your audience’s point of view and shows you’re in tune…

What I have learnt on my start-up journey

How an interior design made the transition to entrepreneurship and started her own fashion tech business…and what she has learnt along the way.

How to be resilient, survive and thrive during COVID-19

Being resilient is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing and able to overcome obstacles to get it.

Media coverage

How to get your brand into the media during a crisis

Aside from the pandemic there isn’t much happening, so plenty of media outlets that tick your boxes are going to want to share your good news.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: the post pandemic brand-building blueprint

Customer experience expert Amanda Stevens answers all your questions around marketing and brand building in a post-pandemic environment.

How small businesses can leverage trends to stand out from the crowd

Understanding current design, creative, and cultural trends is one way local businesses can be unique and build stronger relationships with their cust…

Five principles you can implement today with no marketing experience

Regardless of your level of marketing experience, getting the word out about your new business venture is crucial in the early stages.

Q&A: From Bondi market to global brand

“It was the best decision so early on to bring our brand digital, where we had the power to influence shopping behaviours by the press of a few button…

Corporate uniforms

Why uniforms are still important in a changing workplace

Uniforms define what you are about as a business and ensure that your team is on exactly the same page with the business’ identity and values.

How to reach out to, connect with and retain new customers

Exceed your customers’ expectations to retain their interest and loyalty through a free gift, a birthday email or requesting feedback.

Bernadette Schwerdt

Five surprising reasons you (still) need a business card

In the midst of the rush to make everything digital, the business card still remains important in more ways than just conveying contact details.

Why you should be building a personal brand along with your business

“By building a personal brand, you grow an audience of people who like you, relate to you and want to know more about you.”


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