Chris Strode, Founder, Invoice2go

How to build a credible brand as a one-person show

First impressions are key to solopreneurs building a credible brand that can compete for attention among the bigger names.

AMR Hair & Beauty

Q&A: AMR Hair and Beauty

How a hair and beauty products business has grown from a teenager’s start-up to a leading national distributor.


Why every business needs to be on Instagram

The top brands and businesses on Instagram have a 4.21 per cent engagement rate – this is 58 times larger than Facebook.


Alibaba to host eCommerce Expo for Aussie SMEs

The Expo will help open doors to new opportunities and empower SMEs and consumers to connect globally through the Alibaba ecosystem.

Australian Made

More businesses implementing “buy local” policies

Research reveals the preference for Australian made among consumers has increased almost 10 per cent in the last four years.

Trade Shows

How to grow your business with trade shows

Trade shows force you to cut to the core of your brand and highlight what it unique and valuable.


The importance of typography in branding

Typography is an art form in and of itself and so you need to strategically match it with the identity you want for your brand.

Brand loyalty

Increasing check-outs by building brand loyalty

Retailers often make sales and bottom of the funnel initiatives their number one priority but there is a lot to be gained by building brand loyalty.

Digital Marketing

Picking the right digital agency in a world of delusion

Choosing the right digital agency is key for SMEs with smaller budgets who rely on achieving real results from their investment.

User Generated Content

UGC: The next generation of digital marketing for small business

The right leverage of UGC closes a gap that is widening in the retail world – the face-to-face relationship between brand and customer.

Business Branding

How to define your brand identity

A strong brand identity will set your business apart from your competitors.

logo design brand designer sketch graphic drawing creative

The power of colour in branding

The choice of colour in branding plays a major role in how your customers perceive your brand’s personality.


Follow these steps to create the perfect product label

There’s plenty of information that you’re legally obliged to add to your product label, from nutritional information and storage advice, to barcod…

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Stories that sell

Stories are the fastest, easiest and most natural way to build rapport, and establish trust and credibility.

Business Branding Branding word Brand Building concept Businessman Brainstorming About Branding Strategy to Business Style Image new Rebrand Change Identity Branding

The value of brand influencers

Brand influencers are one of today’s most popular marketing tools, due to their influence in their own digital spheres.


New international day recognises importance of small business

A resolution was adopted unanimously at the UN General Assembly in April to celebrate the contribution and importance of small business for the econom…


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