Creating brand awareness with an outside the box marketing plan

Your marketing plan should cover all aspects, even the packaging as that serves as your customer’s first impression of your product.

Digital Marketing

The fizz factor

Digital advertising is a world within itself, there are no shortcuts to success and you need to wait, watch and learn to respond quickly to what works…

Emails, business email

Eight unexpected email challenges and how to fix them – Part 1

Despite email’s proven popularity and effectiveness as a communications and marketing platform, it still presents challenges that need to be address…

What is a brand voice, and how do you find yours?

It’s vital that you stand out and connect with your customers – your brand voice is a great way to build this connection and differentiate yourself.

branding, personal brand

Five simple ways small-business owners can build their personal brand and influence

Even with just limited resources, a small-business owner can harness their own skillsets to establish and grow their personal brand.


Why you need to give your customers social proof

When we see social proof examples on social media we are more inclined to believe that brand because others have shown that they do.

Why do my products need trusted barcodes?

When you buy barcodes from GS1, you’re also becoming part of a membership organisation and gaining access to a genuine numbering system.


Fastest-growing small-business industries in 2021 unveiled

From mushrooms to alternative alcohol, a new study highlights the fastest-growing industries small businesses are venturing into this year.

An essential guide to marketing for growth in 2021

How you approach your marketing will help you unlock the greatest growth potential for your business and put you on a path to long-term success.

Niche marketing the trend for 2021

While niche marketing is not an entirely new concept, there are new approaches in this brand of marketing that businesses should know about.

Q&A: Snapping the scourge of unsafe drinking water

How a fishing expedition in El Salvador led to a social enterprise dedicated to providing the developing world with clean, safe drinking water.

Q&A: An active future for the over-50s

Club Active provides specialised medical-grade equipment that caters for the common aches and pains the over-50s might experience.


Post-pandemic consumer preferences revealed

New research highlights a shift in consumer preferences since the pandemic, with online retailers the biggest winners in a tough time.

The digital fix

Just because there are multiple social media platforms doesn’t mean you need to be active on every single one – focusing on too many dilutes your me…

Creating a COVID Christmas

Holiday-related searches on Pinterest started increasing from April this year as many craved the comfort and excitement of the holiday season.

Step into the SME spotlight

More and more businesses are growing their online presence because they are all clamouring and fighting for their piece of the “internet pie”.


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