New international day recognises importance of small business

A resolution was adopted unanimously at the UN General Assembly in April to celebrate the contribution and importance of small business for the econom…

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Growth hacking tips to market your small business

Growth hacking offers creative and innovative ways to help drive business growth.

Digital Marketing

Seven steps to marketing success on a shoestring

The road to marketing success is now easier with businesses having more access than before to affordable marketing tools.

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Why should a small business bother with PR strategy?

When deciding if you need to have a PR strategy remember that people are far more willing to purchase a product reported on by trusted media.

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How to make giving back a part of your business journey

Giving back is not only good for the community and your chosen charity, it’s also great for the business and your marketing strategy.

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Three key signs your brand is under threat

Managers should therefore think about how your brand stands out, where it should be playing, and how to get it there.


10 office uniform guidelines to ensure your investment pays off

Make your employees aware of why they are wearing the uniform and how they should be wearing it with office uniform guidelines in the workplace.


Agile marketing a cost-effective and efficient solution for SMEs

These key agile marketing tips will relieve the pressure and make all the difference to your marketing success.


How to establish your business on Instagram

Instagram 101 for any business is to be visual, be consistent and know your target audience.

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Try new things in marketing

Marketing methods are changing all the time – particularly online – and best way to learn these methods is to try them out.

Branding Advertising

Growing your business and building your online brand

Giving your online brand or business a personality is a sure-fire way to help cut through everyone else’s noise.

Aussie marketers still find content a “key obstacle” impeding success

Why content marketing must be true to the brand to be engaging

Brands need to make their content marketing relevant and appealing to the public or it risks becoming part of the clutter, especially small businesses…


Branding 101: What your small business needs to make a first great impression

Branding entails more than “just the visuals” – it includes every face of your operation, from customer support to the website and your social-m…

Michael Patishman, BizTech Enterprise Solutions

Five tips for small businesses navigating digital transformation

A good digital transformation strategy requires the ability to move quickly to respond to your customers.

New system eliminates superannuation clearing house requirements for SME owners

Super fund for small business focuses on Australia’s future

The super fund company aims to support the changing needs of Australian SMEs.


The key steps to creating a uniform dress code

Ensure that the uniform dress code you impose on your team is suitable and practical for their roles.


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