Q&A: From Bondi market to global brand

“It was the best decision so early on to bring our brand digital, where we had the power to influence shopping behaviours by the press of a few button…

Corporate uniforms

Why uniforms are still important in a changing workplace

Uniforms define what you are about as a business and ensure that your team is on exactly the same page with the business’ identity and values.

How to reach out to, connect with and retain new customers

Exceed your customers’ expectations to retain their interest and loyalty through a free gift, a birthday email or requesting feedback.

Bernadette Schwerdt

Five surprising reasons you (still) need a business card

In the midst of the rush to make everything digital, the business card still remains important in more ways than just conveying contact details.

Why you should be building a personal brand along with your business

“By building a personal brand, you grow an audience of people who like you, relate to you and want to know more about you.”

Fall in love with your business again

How to avoid the cycle of self-doubt and frustration many business owners feel after the honeymoon period of having started their own business.

end-of-year events

Celebrating achievements through end-of-year events

End-of-year events are not just about celebrating success, but also about rewarding deserving employees for their hard work and loyalty.

keeping the business afloat

The five keys to keeping your small business afloat

When a small business takes some time upfront to get organised, it can dramatically improve its outcomes in the long term.

Q&A: The coffee that’s changing the world for the better

“The beauty of Change Coffee lies in its simplicity – if you want to make a difference and help fight poverty, it’s as easy as having a cup of cof…

The path best travelled

Building a brand is more than the name on your packaging or website – it’s a collection of all the elements that you project into the world.


What’s your purpose?

When brands get it right, purpose is a great driving force for building brand loyalty with your external and internal audiences.

How small businesses can create quality content on a limited budget

The best practices that small businesses can follow to create quality content that speaks to their brand and ethos, without breaking the bank.

Q&A: (Coco)nuts about healthy hydration

A coconut water entrepeneur shares how she adressed the lack of functionality in a category against which the supplement and powder market was booming…

Brand loyalty

Getting to grips with change

Trying to keep up with ever-evolving customer expectations is often like a game of cat and mouse – when it’s almost within your grasp, it can elud…

Q&A: Painting a brighter future

A family have made the most of a decade’s experience in the decotrative paint industry to launch their own home decor business.

Halloween marketing tactics to “boo”st sales

Halloween has been growing in Australia every year and sales to date this year sales are up by almost 50 per cent on this time last year.


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