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The future of online advertising

Chat is now the preferred way to communicate so online advertising will increasingly feature chat assistants powered by AI and automation for Facebook…

Process innovation

Process Innovation: the key to unharvested profit

Process innovation works on the premise that you are already making and selling something and simply asks you to explore the way you do things.

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Boosting your online business without relying on hope marketing

With over one billion websites competing for attention it takes more than hope marketing to make your online business stand out.

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Top small business technology predictions for 2018 – Part 1

Leaders in small business technology to give us their predictions of the major developments in the year ahead.

Public Relations for small business

Don’t follow the herd when it comes to promoting your business

With Public Relations you are telling your story, informing, educating, building trust, creating loyalty, and developing long-lasting relationships wh…

Public Relations

The easiest way to grow your small business

As Richard Branson says, “A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.”

Social Media

The newest social media tools for SMEs

As social media is continuously evolving, there are new tools available that SMEs can use to further business and reach a wider audience more effectiv…

Customer experience

The reality of ratings and reviews

The “power of the herd” leads your prospective customers to put a lot of faith in the ratings and reviews of people they don’t know and will never m…


Last-minute Christmas marketing tips for SMEs

Facebook’s ANZ head of small business shares her last-minute Christmas marketing tips.

Content marketing

Big learnings for small business

The ability to measure the impact of your content marketing is the most effective way in knowing how to improve upon a strategy.

Q&A HiSmile

Q&A: Hi Smile

As an eCommerce business the immediate goal is always conversion but we feel that you are able to accomplish both brand building and conversion with I…

Digital advertising

Getting the most from Google and Facebook hyperlocal advertising

Hyperlocal advertising tools help your brand get the most from its advertising spend and cut through the Facebook/Google advertising noise online.

Online Advertising Mobile

Essential Pay Per Click testing tips for beginners

Pay Per Click testing should prioritise your copy – ensure you’ve included words that entice people to click your ad.


Combine search and social to grow your business

To get the most from your marketing spend you need to ditch the silo mentality and start using search advertising and social media in tandem.

Social media marketing

It’s time to prioritise online marketing

Social media, email and Google ads are the three cornerstones of an effective online marketing strategy.

Live Chat

Reduce your marketing costs

By having Live Chat on your site your customers can immediately get the answers they desire and it reduces the shopping around factor.


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