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Inspiring through uncertainty

A framework to help businesses navigate the current uncertainty as they meet the evolving needs of their customers and their industry.

Q&A: Developing a watertight business model

The ethos of doing a great job rather than trying to “reinvent the wheel” helped Water Tight Canberra win a 2019 Telstra small business award.

sales metrics

The importance of sales metrics for small businesses

Building the right set of metrics provides adds predictability as to what’s ahead and allows SME owners to identify potential cashflow crunches earl…

Why you’re better off staying local

Local businesses deserve to be supported as they provide a unique touch and a level of ongoing support rarely offered by larger businesses.

Slow fashion, sustainable fashion and how brands can help

The demand for fast fashion has led big brands to find ways to lower prices resulting not only in inferior quality but also a degraded environment.

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How to keep your e-commerce platform up to date

Once you have launched your e-commerce website, it is important that you keep it up-to-date and protected at all times to ensure a positive user exper…

Q&A: Raise a glass to a career change

How a successful businesswoman gave up a career in banking and reinvented herself as as a leading light in the world of champagne.

Adjust your marketing now, or be eaten alive in a post-COVID world

It is more important than ever to adjust our marketing efforts and put out the right tone in our communications, or the business will be gone for good…

Online retail: scalability and authenticity in a time of uncertainty

Now is the time to showcase the true benefits and opportunities of online retail, in order to convert long-term shopping behaviours.

Seven Facebook advertising tips you need to do right now

While Facebook ads is a great way to rapidly grow your audience and make sales, if you don’t know what to do, it’s also a fast way to waste money.

retail industry, reopen

The beautiful new dawn of independent retail is coming

The hallmark of great independent retail is a beautiful customer experience, and without your staff you can’t possibly deliver that.


Four steps to help families take a business idea online

Embracing your entrepreneurial side and setting up a business of your own is a great option for families looking for a new activity or a way to bond.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: five keys to standing out online

Anything you do online needs to have a commercial payoff – when you’re visible you’ll attract more prospects, more enquiries and more sales.


Don’t underestimate the power of a meaningful conversation

A conversation is a meaningful, powerful, often-overlooked tool that all small-business owners have at their disposal but too often ignore.

reopening, recovery

Simple, cost-effective ways to give your café a facelift

As consumers look forward to returning to a café it is particularly important now that you stand out and be more appealing than the one on the next c…

Get real with your online presence

What do LinkedIn members really want?

Expert insights into the type of content to post to LinkedIn that the platform’s members value for depth of subject matter, opinions and learnings.


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