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Q&A: The young entrepreneur with the bottle to take on ocean pollution

Gabby Samkova’s start-up SomerSide produces stylish, eco-friendly towels, each of which is made from between eight and 14 recycled plastic bottles.

Connecting with customers

PwC research shows that the growth of SMEs attributable to their use of Facebook has generated significant employment within Australia.

How to identify consumer trends and keep them current

The key to long-term success is not jumping onto the bandwagon of all the trends that roll around and to stay true to your unique selling proposition.…

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How SMEs can create a competitive advantage through AI

As customer experience continues to be a key value driver, AI provides considerable advantages to SMEs trying to level the playing field.


Eager travellers to Asia mean big opportunities for small businesses

SMEs in the hospitality, retail, food and beverages and other related industries stand to gain from the influx of travellers in the Asia Pacific regio…

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10 resolutions for better business in 2020

The ten resolutions that every small-business owner should consider to help make their business become more profitable in 2020.

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Scaling your customer experience

As your small business is scaling up, it’s important to have the proper tools and processes in place to ensure its long term success.

Q&A: The entrepreneur who put her best foot forward to craft a niche business

How a desire for a change and opening up her horizons helped an entrpreneur found an online sandals business based on an age-old craft.

It’s all good…right?

The importance of social media is becoming more and more undeniable – it’s where brands not only reach, but also engage with their audience.

How personalising your retail offer can backfire

Today, with the prevalence of big data solutions and machine learning algorithms, the potential for personalised retail has never been greater.


Drought and bushfire relief honey launched to support beekeepers

“2019 was an extremely difficult year for beekeepers…particularly those affected by the worst of the drought and bushfires in NSW and Queensland.”

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The new rules of customer engagement

A positive customer engagement experience adds value, builds loyalty and can help your business get ahead of competitors.

Should you be polarising on social media?

Being polarising on social media is not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it have to involve being very aggressive in sharing one’s views.

organic content

Three tips to help drive organic traffic to your website

You don’t have to pay for organic traffic and it’s trusted more by the public since they get to find it on their own rather than via advertising.

Q&A: The young entrepreneur spicing things up in the kitchen

“Mingle’s products are more than just spices, they are solutions for dinner creations to get Australians confident to cook healthy, fuss-free meals.”

CX, success, personal experience

Why businesses need to invest to buy more lifetime customers

Lifetime customers are effective ambassadors for your business, delivering even more value than just the revenue they provide.


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