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Brand loyalty

Positioning your brand in the sweet spot

Four key principles to positioning yourself right in the sweet spot between mass and class and getting your product to sell.


How customer experience management will evolve in 2018

You need to differentiate on CX because nine out of 10 customers are willing to pay significantly more for a better experience.

Strengths and weaknesses

How to find your selling strengths and weaknesses fast

The most effective way to identify selling strengths and weaknesses in the sales cycle is to start at the end.

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The importance of an MVP

Every piece of functionality costs you money so focus on getting your product down to MVP and invest more once you’ve got customer feedback.


Myer, Country Road onboard for Instagram shopping launch

Instagram shopping is not a paid advertising feature, and the platform will not be charging a commission on items sold to customers who have used the …

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Using The Branding Bare Necessities – Part 2

If your audience does not respond favourably to your branding efforts it is more likely due to the messaging rather than the product or service itself…


Facebook Groups fertile ground for small business

Facebook Groups are an ideal vehicle for small businesses that do not have big budgets to spend on marketing rely on organic connections to grow.

Customer Service

Why customer service is the first victim of a lack of purpose

If the day-to-day problems of your business are starting to make you dislike your customers, it might be time to rediscover your true purpose.

Data governance

No more crystal balling for smaller retailers

Retailers are now more empowered now thanks to access to more data and business intelligence tools that make for better decision-making.

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Converting web traffic into leads, sales and loyalty

Your website needs to not only should drive good web traffic but also effectively convert that traffic into a customer base.

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Why branding is important in franchising

“Many small businesses engage our offices to establish a new business or product without very much consideration to the brands.”

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Small businesses admit undercutting to win work

In an effort to stay ahead of competitors almost half of small businesses resort to undercutting their competitors, thereby dropping their profit marg…


Three ways retailers can compete with e-tailers

If traditional retailers want to stay competitive in the 24/7 retail landscape they have to use the advantages of their physical retail environment.

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China’s untapped potential for Aussie beer and wine makers

The rapidly rising demand for craft beer and boutique wine in China presents a great opportunity for Australian businesses.

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Staying grounded in an increasingly social world

Maintaining an online social presence all the time can cause stress and fatigue, so give yourself a “digital detox.”

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Guest Wi-Fi for small businesses

Air Merchant was designed on the back of research that revealed 66 per cent of us want free Wi-Fi from businesses such as cafes and pharmacies.


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