Sales & Marketing

Business Branding

How to define your brand identity

A strong brand identity will set your business apart from your competitors.

Customer Experience

Australians embrace the experience economy as they reach “peak stuff”

The thriving experience economy is pushing retailers to find ways to create facilitate meaningful relationships with their customers.


The profit engine: personalisation

A personalisation engine acts as a shopper’s favourite local sales assistant.

Any Boat

Small business scoops two national awards

SME usurps big business to win Business Excellence and Service Excellence categories at Australian Business Awards.

Live Chat

Reduce your marketing costs

By having Live Chat on your site your customers can immediately get the answers they desire and it reduces the shopping around factor.

The impact of disruption on international trade

Stop thinking and acting local if you want to grow

The experiences shared by small-business owners around the world show that in today’s digital world the challenges in engaging in international trad…

User Experience

You can’t build great UX without measuring experience

There is no “one size fits all approach” when it comes to measuring UX.


Pizza Hut franchisee underpaid staff almost $20,000

New Fair Work case just one of a number involving Pizza Hut in recent times.

Q&A Tinka the Label

Q&A: Tinka the Label

A childhood hobby burgeons into a successful enterprise for a creator of hand-made jewellery.

Concept of consumer centric marketing and omni channel retailing.

Getting into bed with your customers

Small businesses can become more consumer-centric through personalisation, selling experiences and involving local communities.

Inadequate marketing

Inadequate marketing resources costing small business

A lack of marketing resources leaves small businesses trailing their mid-tier counterparts in the race to attract customers.


Chatbots – what’s all the fuss about?

Chatbots go beyond just being the latest buzzword – they actually add value to the bottom line.

logo design brand designer sketch graphic drawing creative

The power of colour in branding

The choice of colour in branding plays a major role in how your customers perceive your brand’s personality.


Deliveries a deal-breaker for customers

Not knowing when deliveries will show up is a huge bugbear that can drive customers to choose another brand.


The customer is always right

Omnichannel retailing involves a consistent experience for the customer between a company’s offline and online channels.

Nigel Collin

Three ways to improve customer experience

However busy you are maximise your customer experience offering by letting your customers know you appreciate them.


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