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Digital accounting is here to stay

The “future state” of 100 per cent digital accounting has already arrived, quickly reshaping relationships, industries and the economy at large.

Key features of a solid disaster recovery plan

Good documentation is essential for a functional disaster recovery plan – methodically document your IT infrastructure, key applications, and hardwa…


Restaurateur fined for underpayment of chef

Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James, says she is increasingly concerned about the number of cases of underpayment of visa-holders by culturally and lin…

SMEs on the verge of a programmatic recruitment revolution

Programmatic recruitment solutions come at a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency, making it very accessible to SMEs.


Innovation – do you practice what you preach?

Always ask yourself, and your business, what else is possible that you haven’t yet considered – you don’t have to go straight to the answer, but…

Solving the puzzle of gift giving

“When it came time to start wedding planning, I really struggled with the traditional models of gift giving that were available – we didn’t want…

Small-business owners still believe self-employment the way forward

“The future of self-employment is strong, and I think it will only increase given the global trends of the service economy, globalisation, telepresenc…

Make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you’re an Australian business owner operating and selling to consumers globally, you would be crazy not to consider ramping up your marketing activ…

smashed avocado

How will the “smashed avocado” generation fund their future businesses?

With more than 4000 Australian SMEs already using debtor finance, it is a viable business funding alternative for many SME owners, including those who…

Insurance premiums, life insurance

Small-business insurance rates remain competitive

From the point of view of small-business insurance, capacity in the market is good news – it essentially means that, due to increased competition an…

Fee reduction for IP rights to foster innovation

Changes to the fee structure on IP rights follow a review of IP Australia’s cost recovery requirements and community consultation on how reduced fees …

It’s time to get serious about social customer care

A great social customer care experience starts with a great social experience – that’s why it’s so important to have achievable and measureable …

Keep your bank in the loop – particularly in tough times

If you think your business might be approaching tough times, there are some important things you can do right now to steer it onto a positive path wit…

Small businesses set to take up cyber insurance

A new security report highlights how small businesses will harness cyber insurance due to the increase of cyberattacks and loss or theft of data.

Get ready for a loyalty-points armageddon

If business owners want to keep the loyalty points flowing, they will need to rethink their approach to credit card, loyalty card and purchasing activ…

Are headsets the next big thing for small business?

For small businesses such as micro-call centres, sales departments or other frontlines, headsets are an invaluable tool to keep employees connected.


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