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Q&A: The coffee that’s changing the world for the better

“The beauty of Change Coffee lies in its simplicity – if you want to make a difference and help fight poverty, it’s as easy as having a cup of cof…

Finding success on social media

Social media is a broadcast and conversational medium – you have to engage with your followers, respond to comments and participate in conversations.

No rest for SMEs this holiday season

Anticipating the busy holiday season, more than half of small-business owners won’t cut down their hours for rest, especially those based in the reg…

FWO 7-Eleven, claim, notice

How far can an employee pursue a claim that has no merit?

Where a claim can be shown to be genuinely frivolous, vexatious or to have no prospect for success, an employer may ultimately truncate the process.

delivery nightmare

The keys to avoiding a nightmare before, during, and after Christmas

Missing, damaged or delayed parcel delivery can fracture your customer relationship, leaving you to try patching things up throughout the festive seas…


FWO recovers entitlements for school cleaners

Following evidence of widespread underpayments of school cleaners, Victoria has made significant changes to their contracts.

achieve growth, financial year

Do these four things to help achieve your business goals

Stick to three or four key goals, with no more than three actions each – a 12-item plan is very achievable aloows a tight focus on executing that plan…

Asian expansion

Jewellers’ delight: SMBs head to Hong Kong

Two major jewellery fairs taking place in Hong Kong early next year will attract small business from across Autralia and around the world.

financial check

A Q3 financial sanity check for SMEs

A mid-financial year check will help you better determine where your business is at and set a viable roadmap for the rest of the financial year.

email scams, email scam, invoice scam

Business email compromise tops the scam loss charts

Scammers are hacking into suppliers’ email accounts and reissuing invoices to their customers with updated bank account details.

reference checks

How SMEs can get the most out of their reference checks

Reference checks are often simply tacked on as the last element of the interview process but there’s value in gathering intel throughout the process…

Why it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive

If you obssess over your customers and not your competitors and are proactive in understanding them, you are at an advantageous position.

Is too much work making you sick?

Reduced absence in the form of presenteeism isn’t profitable as research shows a decline in productivity in the individual concerrned of at least one …

leadership practices, barriers

SMEs hamstrung in attempt to attract top talent

SMEs are struggling to overcome the disparity in remuneration and additional perks their larger counterparts can afford in the battle for top talent.


Courier company stopped in their tracks for not providing meal breaks

A courier company has committed to back-pay its workers and to comply with providing paid meal breaks its workers are entitled to.

Christmas festivities tax

Keeping out of trouble with the taxman in your Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities for your small business may be end up costing you a lot more than a hangover if you aren’t tax-wise.