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ATO protecting honest businesses

Accounting firm in court for leaving workers in the lurch over sale

A former operator of a Sydney accounting firm is set to face court over alleged nonpayment of leave benefits despite a compliance notice.

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How to keep your e-commerce platform up to date

Once you have launched your e-commerce website, it is important that you keep it up-to-date and protected at all times to ensure a positive user exper…

Seven types of malware targeting small businesses

Many cybercriminals view SMEs as more attractive and “easier” targets, so it’s important SMEs are aware of the different malware out in the open.

Once-in-a-generation SME tax reform would fix unemployment and deficit

An argument for urgent tax reform that would benefit small business – sector that will play a vital role in Australia’s post-COVID recovery.

start-ups, startups, considerations, own business launch, starting a business., pandemic

Five tips for starting a business during the global pandemic

For many the pandemic has become the trigger to starting a business they had long thought, but how to go about making the leap…?

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JobKeeper revealed as a lifeline for small businesses

Research reveals the vital role the JobKeeper scheme has played in keeping SMEs open, and highlights the variance in impact on different sectors.

Q&A: Raise a glass to a career change

How a successful businesswoman gave up a career in banking and reinvented herself as as a leading light in the world of champagne.

It’s the little things that count

Seven healthy workplace habits one can start practising in order to realise the growth of your business despite limited resources.


Progress on rental assistance for SME retailers

The number of rental assistance agreements between shopping centre owners and SME retailers are growing after a difficult start to negotiations.

contact centre

Why cheap contact centre solutions are a bad bargain for SMEs in growth mode

Choosing ultra-cheap contact centre software can give your bottom line a boost but an unreliable, poorly supported solution may end up costing you mor…


The devil is in the detail

Making a clear and detailed “Make Good” clause and providing for it in your financials is a vital step when you entering into a commercial lease.

tax returns

Taxpayers cautioned against filing returns early

The peak accountancy body is warning taxpayers about rushing their tax return, with too much haste likely to result in a bill rather than a refund.


Workers leaning towards keeping on working from home

Research reveals that most workers would like to continue working from home, having got used to doing so during the COVID-19 lockdown.


Why get a dog and bark yourself?

Delegation is something many managers find hard to do – often they feel that they can do most things themselves and struggle to trust their team.

phone, call forwarding

How call forwarding can help improve CX during business uncertainty

Given today’s business landscape, many SMEs are re-realising the immense value of phone communication and call forwarding is being appreciated anew.

Online retail: scalability and authenticity in a time of uncertainty

Now is the time to showcase the true benefits and opportunities of online retail, in order to convert long-term shopping behaviours.


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