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Supporting small business

“My office has released a comprehensive plan, recommending a suite of reforms to support small businesses at this challenging time.”

Five common money mistakes SME owners need to avoid this financial year

Overlooking government grants and assistance is one of the most common money mistakes SME owners make, with millions of dollars left unclaimed each ye…

insolvencies, insolvency

Alarm sounded over potential tidal wave of insolvencies

Government agencies ceasing wind-ups to prop up “zombie” businesses is in danger of creating an insolvency crisis according to new research.

aged care

Aged care operator commits to rectifying underpayments

Uniting, operator of more than 70 aged care homes, self-reported that it had underpaid more than 9000 employees after an internal review.

How you can infuse kindness into your brand

As an enduring human trait, it is important that we let kindness shine through in our business and our brand to resonate with our customers.

cyber attack, vulnerable, cyber criminals, myths

Four cybersecurity myths that are harming your small business

Despite a surge in remote work, one thing that hasn’t changed is the lack of cybersecurity awareness and protection in small businesses.

workplace, balancing

Transitioning to the new normal

As businesses begin to reopen in this “new normal”, moving back to the workplace isn’t as straightforward as reverting to the way things were pre-pa…

not authentic

Digital app to help in fight against counterfeiters

“Counterfeiting damages legitimate wholesalers and retailers who invest in genuine products and robs the NRL Clubs of much-needed revenue.”

call centre, support advice line, calls

Stimulus advice line inundated with calls

Despite the onslaught of calls, Business Australia is encouraging business owners to call their Stimulus Advice Line for support and information.

How not to be a people-pleaser in business

Many business leaders fall to the trap of becoming a people-pleaser without realising how such an attitude can devalue their business.

Why real-time visibility is essential for business continuity

Real-time visibility through cloud-based technologies can help SMEs manage cashflow better and reduce the risk of making ill-informed decisions.


Start-up sets out to cut retail’s carbon footprint

Australian start-up Future Neutral is offering retailers the option for their customers to reduce carbon footprint upon checkout

ASBFEO welcomes JobKeeper changes in the battle to save Victorian businesses

The ASBFEO is backing the federal government’s support for Victorian SMEs but is urging Canberra to reconsider tapering JobKeeper payments.

Want better output? Then focus on the safety of your team

People want safety in their working environment – both physically and mentally – so providing that is a key element of good leadership.

government funding

What does government’s $1.67 billion cybersecurity funding mean for SMEs?

The government has unveiled a strategy to ensure a better cybersecurity system in this country, but we also need to do our part in realising this visi…

JobKeeper, government

Business backs revision of JobKeeper scheme

Business groups have broadly welcomed changes to JobKeeper that could enable up to half a million more Victorians to access funds through the scheme.


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