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Q&A: A more level playing field for property buyers

Lauren Moore gave up a successful career as a seller’s agent to “cross the floor” and give buyers a fairer chance in the cut-throat property market.

How e-commerce has buffered small businesses from COVID-19

By using e-commerce, 73 per cent of businesses have been able to retain employees while 61 per cent of businesses remain in operation.


Employees left having to clean their workplaces

“Organisations have a responsibly to keep their staff safe and it is extremely important to hire a professional anti-viral cleaning service.”

Three things COVID-19 is teaching your business about your millennials

For “get in and get the job done, fast” positions, a labour market already exists – hungry with millennials waiting for their next opportunity.


How to successfully launch your business

With the right planning and preparation, it’s possible to have a succcessful business launch that gets the attention of your target market.

Call for caution on “one-size fits all” approach for insolvency

The Law Council of Australia believe that the current economic circumstances facing SMEs provide just cause for insolvency reforms to be fast-tracked.


Why and how small businesses must address workplace bullying

Estimates published from The Productivity Commission indicate workplace bullying costs the Australian economy up to $36 billion per annum.

buying a business

Don’t let buying a business become an expensive mistake

When buying a business be prepared for the fact that it will take longer than you expect and that you will encounter lots of rejections.

World Mental Health Day

Small-business owners, take care of your mental health

Many small-business owners tend to spend too much time taking care of their business that sometimes they overlook their mental health.

Embark on a hassle-free online sourcing and networking journey

The HKTDC has introduced online business matching to enable networking and deal-making that will be showcased at an online exhibition in November.

second income, unpaid wages,, recovered

FWO recovers over $120 million for underpaid workers

The FWO filed twice as many underpayment litigations this year than last, half of them involving businesses in the fast food, restaurant and café sec…

As an employer, do your employment contracts protect you?

Although employment contracts can be in either written or verbal form, verbal agreements may be difficult to prove should things go wrong.


Why SMEs make the best authors

Business owners are most successful as authors because they prioritise their writing endeavours as they would any other business goal.

cyber attack, vulnerable, cyber criminals, myths, threat

The $1 billion threat facing SMEs

Too many SME leaders do not consider ransomware threats as enough of a risk to require a planning strategy for their data and other online assets.

payment code

Big businesses urged to comply with small-business supplier payment times

Businesses with an annual turnover of $100 million are being urged to heed the intention of the legislation early regarding their payment times.

Top 50 Small Business Leaders launch celebrates excellence in troubled times

This year’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders Report is being launched at an online event on Wednesday 28 October at which all our readers are welcome.


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