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The rock and the hard place: protecting consumers and your brand in a crisis

With fewer brick-and-mortar stores open, consumers have shifted to e-commerce, but this opens smaller retailers up to another window of risk.

family support

Why family support is crucial to business success

One cannot underestimate the important role your family plays in the success of your business especially if it is just starting out.

pay cuts

Pay cuts or reduced hours? Ensuring you’re above the law but morally sound

As businesses fee the effects of the pandemic-induced economic recession, there are questions as to whether reduced hours or pay cuts are ideal measur…


Mat manufacturer to face court over two years’ unpaid wages

A manufacturer of custom-fit floor, boot and cargo mats for vehicles is being taken to court for alleged non-payment of an employee’s wages.

How to know it’s the right time to leave your full-time job for your side hustle

An entrepreneur shares how she made the shift from an employee to going full-time with her side hustle and how she determined it was time for her to d…


Overcoming a lack of capital to win government contracts

Adopting an evidence-based technique will enable you to bid for a lot more Government contracts than you would have previously.

Where have all the women gone?

The number of women starting their own business has risen by 80 per cent since 1991 and 66 per cent of start-ups in the last decade were founded by wo…

tax obligations

ATO launch toolkit to help SMEs with tax time

The toolkit released by the ATO contains easy-to-understand fact sheets that will help small businesses fulfil their tax obligations.

Q&A: Developing a watertight business model

The ethos of doing a great job rather than trying to “reinvent the wheel” helped Water Tight Canberra win a 2019 Telstra small business award.

What will happen when government wage support ends?

A survey reveals 81 per cent of business leaders want the JobKeeper scheme to be extended in a more cautious and conservative way.


Aussie businesses slow in adopting work from home practices

Research reveals that the preference of senior leaders for traditional ways of working is seen as a barrier to more people being able to work from hom…

burnout, fatigue

Top three tips for avoiding post-COVID burnout

COVID has been an emotional roller coaster so now we need to be most aware and on guard that we don’t succumb to serious burnout.

Penalty rate cuts threaten to sap workers’ wages

Penalty rate cuts of 15 per cent are due to be implemented this week for workers in the retail and pharmacy sectors making them up to $4800 p/a worse …

Hidden profits

Four ways SMEs can be more profitable in a post COVID-19 world

When resources are limited it pays to focus on your most lucrative clients, even if that means deprioritising those who are less profitable.

NBN scams, scammers

Small businesses urged to protect themselves against scammers

Some simple measures small-business owners should take so they can be better protected against scammers as we go into a new financial year.

Small business payment times

Former restaurant operator in court over unpaid leave benefits

The former operator of a Sydney restaurant is in hot water over failing to pay a former employee his untaken leave entitlements.


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