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Eight tips to surviving and thriving through COVID-19

In tough times comes great innovation which we are already seeing with new products and services emerging, helping businesses survive.

Tax claims for working at home streamlined

The ATO will now allow people to make claims of 80 cents per hour for all running expenses instead of calculating costs on certain expenses.

ACCC offer advice for SMEs on refunds and cancellations due to COVID-19

The ACCC is reminding SMEs of the guidelines regarding refunds and cancellations and that they must honour contracts with their customers.


Five tips for business survival in a pandemic

Ensuring a business’s survival in the midst of crisis lies more in careful assessment of what needs to be done first rather than panic-driven action.


Why this is the perfect storm for SMEs to outpace larger businesses

Why thinking like a start-up and “seizing the day” can help SME owners turn the COVID-19 negative into the opportunity to outpace the competition.


Small retailers suffering at the hands of landlords

Newsagents and lottery operators are reporting that delay and obfuscation when reaching out to landlords about rent relief during the pandemic.

COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs: How to get through the next 90 days

The first video in our our COVID-19 survival guide for SMEs series focuses on getting the right mindset to steer your business through the crisis.


Empowering a small-business remote workforce

The idea of empowering a remote workforce goes beyond just providing staff with laptops and phones for them to use for their work outside the office.

hard times

Top tips for small business to prepare for hard times

How you can maintain growth and positive cashflow even in the midst of hard times brought by unexpected circumstances such as COVID-19.

insurance contract terms, insurers

Insurers get go-ahead to offer deferred payments and refunds to SMEs

Insurers are set to allow small business get up to six months relief on their insurance premiums and refund of unused premiums without any fees.

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COVID-19 no excuse for delaying SME payments

Big business urged not use the pandemic as an excuse to delay payments to their small-business suppliers and instead be part of the solution.

Q&A: The right way is up to sustainable food production

Growing food close to customers on a vertical farm for immediate consumption makes sense logically nutritionally, and environmentally.


Learn by losing out

How small businesses can turn losing out on government contracts into a positive that will help secure success in the long term.

Tech comes to the aid of ailing hospitality businesses

Local businesses with no experience in providing home delivery are getting cost-effective, professional solutions form innovative Aussie tech ventures…

Local businesses fight back to keep workers working

Small local businesses such as cafes and indie retailers have been able to sustain more scheduled working hours for their teams than some of their riv…


SME subcontractors seek payment reform to avoid building industry collapse

A group of building industry stakeholders has called on the government to initiate reforms that ensure payments across the contractual supply chain.


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