Planning & Management

Glowing gauge showing high risk on black risk management concept 3D illustration

Why taking a risk is key to entrepreneurial success

The entrepreneur embraces risk in every facet of their life and it is what drives them to perform.

New political party

New political party Small Business Matters launched

A councillor who led the campaign for local businesses affected by Sydney’s light rail works has launched new party Small Business Matters to give SME…

Strengths and weaknesses

How to find your selling strengths and weaknesses fast

The most effective way to identify selling strengths and weaknesses in the sales cycle is to start at the end.

Employee morale

Six trends to watch in employee experience

Getting employee experience right is critically important because engaged employees contribute significantly to revenue growth.

cafe franchisees

Han’s Café franchisees penalised for underpaying workers

Two Han’s Café franchisees were penalised a total of $80,000 for having deliberately underpaid 49 workers.

employment contracts

How well do employment contracts hold up in court?

How to maximise the chances of your employment contracts holding up in court, and those instances in which exceptions may apply.

Happy easter logo against colorful easter eggs and easter bunny

Five mistakes business owners make during Easter public holidays

Businesses should plan public holidays like Easter with thought and precision to ensure business continuity.

New system eliminates superannuation clearing house requirements for SME owners

New super clearing house now available

The SBSCH is the ATO’s online superannuation payment service that is now available to eligible small businesses.

loans, payday loans, business loans, bank loan

Small businesses urged to check bank loan contract terms

The ASBFEO revealed that some banks failed to comply with the unfair contract terms legislation regarding bank loan for small businesses.

Mobile technology, apps, tech tools

Four tech tools for busy business owners

Tech tools to track, measure and automate are no longer custom-made software that only big corporates can afford, they’re readily available to every…

privacy audit, data audit, financial audit, workplaces audit

FWO campaign uncovers high number of unlawful workplaces

A Fair Work Ombudsman campaign reveals almost two-thirds of Western Sydney businesses are non-compliant with workplace laws.

Small business payment times

Bank accused over unfair small business loans

7-Eleven franchisees allege ANZ Bank engaged in “unconscionable conduct” by approving small business loans they couldn’t possibly repay.


Q&A: Sustainable by design

A pioneer is shaking up the fashion industry by bringing its leaders together and getting them to focus on sustainable design and manufactiring proces…


Five questions guaranteed to save you money

Being able to save thousands for a better future lies in being able to answer well some important questions relating to your financial health.

Growing taxes - Closeup of colour blocks with TAX and money stacks on table - Tax concept

ATO tackle taxation issues and hidden economy among local businesses

ATO is encouraging businesses to report proper taxes as the office is checking on possible non-complying businesses.

Nigel Collin

Three places to consistently find hidden profit

Little things that don’t appear to be worth the time or effort can make a massive difference over time in increasing your profit.


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