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Mixing chia seeds with fruit juice has given two sisters from a small town in New Zealand a business that exports to Asia and Australia.


Uber shows us the cost of a workplace without empathy

The Uber story reveals the cultural battle businesses face between empathy and abundance versus narcissism and scarcity.

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When business and politics come together

How does posting an opinion on politics in our place of business or social media page reflect our identity?


ASBFEO making a real difference for small business

The ASBFEO champions the welfare of the SME sector by providing independent advocacy and assistance.


Navigating a career change at 30

A career change is truly worthwhile if you can find an industry you can remain passionate about for the next decade.

Fair Work reform

Fairer deal for small business secured

Minister says Bill will give small business a fairer deal and benefit consumers as it boosts competition.

Worried woman SME owner

Women SME owners worry more about their staff than men

Almost a quarter of women SME owners worry about attracting and retaining talent in their top three concerns.


Where to with the small business community needs?

We expect a small business person to do too many things and understand too many regulations.

Dominos Pizza

Domino’s uncovers $1.1 billion in underpayments

The Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating Domino’s franchisees over allegations of staff underpayments.

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Ten tips on keeping your motivation in business – Part 1

Having a clear purpose and direction in both life and work can help generate motivation.

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Addressing the small stuff key to sole operator success

One of the keys to success for a sole operator is choosing the tight technology to lighten the load.


Policy forum unites small-business sector

ASBFEO hosts a policy forum with small-business sector representatives to discuss a united approach on matters where there is broad agreement.

Cyber security

Small-business bundle for tackling cyber crime launched

“SMEs are no strangers to cyber crime – as threats continue to evolve and grow, we are seeing more cyber criminals shift their focus to small busine…


Five tips to boost recycling in your business

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to be more sustainable in your business is to introduce recycling.

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Successfully juggling a flexible workforce

Recent research reveals 70 per cent of professionals think employers should offer flexible workforce schedules.


Are you sitting comfortably?

Here’s how to be productive at your work desk while sitting comfortably and with the correct posture.


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