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Q&A Dolomiti

Q&A: Riding towards a more sustainable future

Research indicates that sales of ebikes globally will increase from 2016’s figure of $15.7 billion to $24.3 billion in 2025.

Confident business rivals being in conflict looking at each other with hostile expressions. Serious business people leaning on table and arguing about strategy. Opposition or business competition concept

How important is confrontation to success?

If confrontation happens in a way that addresses a problem and leaves everyone’s dignity intact it can reap dividends for your business.

Lily Toma Giselle&I

The five unspoken truths of starting a business for babies and kids

You might have the most mind-blowing idea for starting a business, but if it’s not user-friendly it just won’t work.

Personal expense and cost balance calculation concept, right hand holding pen writing expense, left hand holding receipt and bills with calculator on wooden table.

Expense tracking tool for SMEs launched

A new service offers the self-employed and SMEs a range of DIY expense tracking solutions.

Cloud Computing - Virtual Machine Motion

The importance of security in selecting a cloud service provider

While cost may be an important factor, security should always be paramount when choosing an effective cloud service.

Job search. Loupe with jobs classified ad newspapers isolated on white. 3d illustration

Three in four say Australia is not delivering on the job market

Three in four Aussies think local workers are better off seeking opportunities abroad due to the government’s failure to kick-start tyhe local job mar…


Record penalty against café operator over failure to pay compensation

A café operator has been hit with a huge fine after refusing to pay compensation ordered by the FWO and advising an Inspector that the exploited work…

Nils Vesk 4 phases of innovation

How to create an innovation process for your future business needs

Treat innovation as seriously as any other part of your business by creating metrics that measure the number of ideas, insights and prototypes created…

Women in business

Women have been left behind in the Budget yet again

This year’s Budget has not provided meaningful programs for women such as flexible work or return-to-work programs.

Judge. Male judge in a courtroom striking the gavel

Jail term imposed in FWO’s first contempt of court case

A Queensland tourism operator has been jailed for contempt of court stemming from the underpayment of five backpackers.

Lack of money on health food poverty social status people concept. Fresh ripe vegetable composition against a stack of coins and calculator

The struggles and triumphs of first-time food entrepreneurs

The challenges two food enterprises faced in their early days of operation and how they overcame them.


Taking your small business international

Taking your business international not only requires much preparation but also finding the right people who will grow your business in those markets.

Close up of male hand putting signature, running own small business, have a contract in place to protect it, basics of writing contract, one sentence in a contract can cost a business, handwriting

Free online portal takes lawyers out of contracts

A new online portal provides one-page, plain English contract templates, designed to help small businesses who often don’t have the funds or skills …

Fair Work reform

$43k penalty for exploitation of abbatoir workers

A labour hire manager has been penalised $43,000 for “wilfully” exploiting 10 migrant abattoir workers through underpayments for over two years.

Digital marketing

The dos and don’ts of digital marketing

A guide to the basic dos and don’ts of digital marketing so you can make informed decisions about how your business appears online.

Good governance

FWO launch hub to help small business with workplace laws

Fair Work Ombudsman launches new online hub to help small-business owners ensure they comply with workplace laws.


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