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A diverse workforce includes diversity in age

Generally, Australians are living longer and healthier lives, so don’t assume someone is unfit for the roles you have on...

How to draft a contract people actually want to sign

Every business runs on contracts, from the non-disclosure agreements parties send to discuss confidential information, ...
talent acquisition

Harnessing student competitions as a recruitment strategy

Years of outsourcing and offshoring mean that Australia does not have enough opportunity for young people, but now there...

Lockdown-weary SMEs concerned about survival

SMEs reporting lower revenues than before the pandemic has increased to 56 per cent in the latest SME Monthly COVID Trac...

Victorian start-up job growth booming

New research shows that 5900 direct new local jobs were created by homegrown start-ups in Victoria between 2018 and 2020...

How inclusive is your interview process?

Employers need to identify their own feelings towards people with disabilities, ensuring that they set preconceptions as...
jobs growth

Why small businesses will be the everyday heroes in the Government’s jobs push

Getting people into jobs is a priority post-COVID, and small businesses collectively offer more positions than Australia...
nano business

Are you a nano, micro or other small business?

Small businesses employ close to 4.7 million people, equating to approximately 41 per cent of the business workforce.

New online tool to help reduce red tape in employment contracts

A new online tool will help small-business owners save time, money and possible legal troubles so they can focus on grow...
builders, construction industry

Tech instrumental in small construction firms’ rebound

Communications technology plays a key role in the rebound of the Aussie construction industry and businesses in the sect...