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Millennials want more job security: here are five secrets to help you provide it

With millennials being known as “job-hoppers,” there are ways to make them stay and help them become more fulfilled with their work.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

The COVID crisis means we need to adapt rapidly to survive and thrive as “what the world needs” and “what the world is willing to pay for” changes.

The secret to small business success in 2020

Strategically functional SEO enables higher search engine rankings giving your small business success in terms of more customers and sales.

Funding boost for small-business advisors’ mental health training

A new grant will help the “Supporting Small Business Advisors for Better Mental Health” project will train 5000 small-business advisors by 2022.

indigenous businesses, fastest-growing

Indigenous businesses on the rise

Every dollar spent with indigenous businesses goes a long way – for every $1 of revenue, certified indigenous suppliers generate $4.41 of social retur…

Small business shows its charitable side

Making the most out of your support for a good cause

Charitable partnerships are not only a great way to support a worthy cause, they are also a fantastic opportunity to get your company’s name out there…

Great teamwork, scaled across the business, makes anything possible with today’s technology giving us power to communicate.

How resilient teams can keep your business moving forward

How we manage our teams and support them through times of uncertainty can be the tipping point that ensures a business is able to stabilise and grow.

Top tips on managing your mindset and your business finances

The key to coming through the other side of the COVID-19 crisis is to learn how to manage your mindset, your finances, and your team.

How to keep your customers satisfied as the pandemic rolls on

COVID-19 has changed the way customers can be satisfied and enterprises who want to retain their business need to respond appropriately.


Café operator to face court over alleged underpayments

A café operator has allegedly underpaid an employee and compounded that by issuing her payslips that did not contain the required content.

Sensis business confidence

SME confidence continues to rise

SME confidence continues to rise with 59 per cent of SMEs reporting declining revenue in October compared to 69 per cent a month previously.

Why entrepreneurs always need a “side hustle”

An entrepreneur’s side hustle can reveal the additional skills they’re acquiring or the network they’re building beyond their primary focus.

data privacy, cyber threats, best practices

Cybersecurity best practices for small to mid-sized businesses

To ensure that cybersecurity policies become part of you culture, they should be thoroughly documented, and supported with schedules and checklists.

Building business resilience in times of crisis

Resilience is about staying positive and identifying and building on areas of your business that may be better performing than others.


Top tips on starting and scaling a business

The founder of a supplements business reveals how a positive review on social media was the turning point on the road to growth and success.

Too many Aussies overlooking the economic value of recycling

Despite the huge value and benefits it offers, 80 per cent of Australians are unaware of the value of recycling to the economy


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