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Aussie dollar

Aussie dollar rallies on spike in oil price

Crude oil prices have jumped more than 2%, supporting the Aussie dollar despite a 6% slide in Chinese equities on Thursday

Storm on the horizon for economy

Wages, growth, investment figures sombre

Next week’s national accounts are likely to reveal growth is stuck at an annual rate of around 2.5% and below the long-term trend of over 3%

Tania de Jong

New co-working space launches on back of ‘Ideas Boom’

Collaboration fostered at high-performing incubators and co-working spaces is a crucial ingredient to innovation

Roger Mendelson

Beware the pitfalls of disruptive lending

Peer-to-peer lending is the most common type of disruptive lending, typically providing cashflow lending rather than secured lending

Start-up collaboration

Start-up program aims to create 40 new businesses

The G21 start-up program encourages entrepreneurs to take an idea and follow the training steps into starting a business

Investment trends

Investment trends for 2016

Investment trends suggest a mix of ‘crest of the wave’ sectors and long-term success stories should be incorporated into your investment portfolio

Black Star Pastry

Free business seminars program unveiled

Black Star Pastry’s chef and founder Christopher The will share his insight into starting and growing a successful small business when he kicks off …

Slow wage growth

Wage growth slowest on record

If wage growth is not as slow as it’s been for over 50 years, it’s certainly very close to it

Bernadette Schwerdt

Cakeage? What the hell is cakeage?

I’ve heard of corkage. I’ve heard of wastage. But cakeage? What the hell is cakeage?


Minimise the risks of franchisee non-compliance

Non-compliance on the part of even one franchisee can affect the reputation, and income, of all other franchisees in the network

Supreme Court, court

Forge PPSR decision highlights risks to SMEs

Many SME operators are unaware of the potential risks that they’re facing by not registering transactions on the Personal Property Securities Register

Aussie dollar

Aussie dollar slips as oil & equities give back gains

Surging commodity stocks and rallying oil prices pulled back overnight, resulting in a slight fall in the value of the Aussie dollar

Consumer & Business Confidence

Consumer confidence up again as market rout wanes

A 2.8% jump in consumer confidence levels during the past three weeks partially reverses the 4.5% decline recorded for January

Roger Hamilton Tech bigger than Resources

Technology replaces resources as key driver in economy

While many Australian technology companies are leading the way, they will need to work hard to remain ahead of the game

IT security threats plaguing business

Report identifies top IT security threats to business

Ransomware attacks targeting enterprises and individuals were one the biggest security threats to business in 2015

Business looks to India

Australian business must look to UK, US and India

With China’s economy slowing, Australian business should focus on the healthier retail sectors around the world like the US, the UK and India


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