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Searching for diversity in SEO

Employers must take a stand for gender-stigma in their business culture and ensure diversity in the appointing SEO specialists.


What’s the purpose of your business?

The purpose of a business is more than just making a profit; it is about attracting and retaining the customers who will help build your brand up.

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How tradies can survive and thrive through today’s uncertain times

In these uncertain times tradies need to make hay while the sun shines and to ensure they’re well placed to respond to changing conditions.

The merits of crowdfunding for start-ups

Crowdfunding allows start-ups to raise funds they need to manufacture their product while testing it with a small group of highly engaged customers.

fast pitch

Winners of digital “fast pitch” program announced

The digital fast pitch competition rewards two SMEs for their innovative business ideas and wins them funding to take these ideas to the next level.

ATO protecting honest businesses, unfair contract terms

Firmer stance against unfair contract terms for small business

Federal and state and territory governments agreed to make unfair contract terms unlawful and give courts the power to impose penalties in such cases.

Q&A: A life of service leads to a professional services start-up

Proud Ngarrindjeri man David Mallett uses his professional services business as a platform to mentor indigenous youngsters.

Navigating uncertainty in the workplace

Irrespective of whether we are battling a global pandemic or not, there is always uncertainty in life and most of us struggle with fear of the unknown…

The impact of force majeure clauses in contracts post COVID-19

Force majeure clauses are likely to get longer as they try to take account of different types of trigger events, and their potential period of disrupt…

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First Nations small-business award winners announced

The CGU Kayku Kumpa awards program provides winning First Nations small-business owners a $5000 grant to help grow their enterprises.

How to deliver bad news to a customer in a positive way

You may have to deliver bad news due to privacy, legal or policy reasons, stock availability, or an inability to provide a service at a desired time.

Time to take stock

The ASBFEO argues that ultimately, in order for small businesses to get to the other side of this crisis, they need access to finance.

Why passion in business is critical to success

Passion is key when building and growing a brand that’s true to you and will inform your business’s messaging, vision and brand.

Craft beer sales surge in spite of pandemic

The craft beer industry has seen exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, with consumers keen to support local, independent brands.

Funding partnership to support indigenous businesses

The partnership will help ensure the sustainability of Indigenous small businesses so they can qualify for mainstream lending products for growth.

Perfectionism could be eating your profits – here’s what to do about it

Striving for perfectionism is not only an unrealistic goal but it also takes too much time and money that it can badly affect your well-being.


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