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Why remote working creates security headaches for SMEs

Short, snappy, visually engaging and entertaining learning modules are they key to getting employees to be cyber-aware when remote working.

How to successfully set up and run a business with multiple founders

There are both benefits and challenges when your business has two or more founders, so it’s important to establish each of their roles early on.

Small business, big rewards – why customer loyalty programs matter

Loyalty programs make customers feel appreciated and valued, and, therefore, more likely to support and promote your business.

reforms, spiral

Strategies to help small business avoid a post-COVID insolvency spiral

For smooth sailing in 2021 and beyond, it’s vital small-business owners learn to identify the risks of insolvency, act quickly and innovate strategi…

IGA franchisee taken to court over non-compliance

A Perth IGA supermarket failed to comply with an FWO Compliance Notice to leave entitlements and pay in lieu of notice to a former manager.


Side-giggers at risk of ATO fines

Side-giggers urged to get an ABN and register for GST as the ATO turn their spotlight on the burgeoning casual contracting sector.

You think an app is the way forward for your business? Think again

Before you start developing an app for your brand or service, you need to ask yourself some important questions regarding its viability in the real w…

Why on earth would I want to engage a lawyer?

A lawyer can offer SMEs valuable and cost-effective advice that enhances business strategies, plans, offerings and minimises the effects of disputes.

Top tips for the survival of the fitness industry

The fitness industry is playing a key role in maintaining our physical and mental health through COVID by providing safe and fun options to exercise.

How the right office products can boost productivity in the new normal

BenQ’s Smart Projector for Business is simple to operate, with an app-based interface that will be familiar to anyone with an Android smartphone.

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Construction firm to face court over alleged underpayments

A construction firm is in hot water over failing to comply with an FWO order to backpay a former employee his due holiday rates and leave entitlements…

Software-specific R&D tax incentive proposed for SMEs in tech

The ASBFEO describes the current R&D tax incentive for software development businesses to be “unsuitable” for promoting industry growth.

talent acquisition

How Australian SMEs in tech can survive the war on talent

The tech sector in Australia is battling a war for talent and SMEs should address and promote a company culture that embodies the right values.

Marketing strategies for B2C versus B2B

For B2B marketing, the number one priority is lead generation – seeking out prospects to target and interact with in order to make the sale.


Can entrepreneurialism be taught?

Entrepreneurialism is, at its heart, acceptance of the famed quote attributed to Sir Frances Beacon back in 1597, “knowledge is power”.

online start-up

Why corporate Australia can’t prepare you for starting your own business

An entrepreneur shares why years of experience in a corporate environment isn’t enough of its own to guarantee a successful start-up journey.


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