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How cloud ERP technology is helping SMEs adapt

Cloud-based ERP involves more than just accounting or financial management software but also other areas such as inventory, HR and CRM into a single h…

B2B Expo 2107, B2B eCommerce

Setting the course to succeed in a new B2B reality

Despite the volatility and uncertainty, there are significant opportunities within B2B markets for SMEs to be able to restart their businesses.


The Budget opens a new lifeline for small businesses

The government is providing a lifeline to COVID-affected SMEs through tax incentives, wage subsidies, and mental health support.

Fruit packing company penalised over underpayments

A judge has slammed a fruit packing company’s “cavalier attitude” in ignoring a Fair Work order to back pay 11 employees over $20,000.

reopening, recovery

Victorian businesses given the green light to reopen

Victoria’s strict lockdown laws are set to end with many businesses allowed to reopen at midnight tonight, albeit with COVID-safe restrictions in plac…

technology trends

How data can help you trade out of a crisis

As business owners, we have access to a valuable asset that is our data which, when used to its full potential, offers a treasure trove of value.


Four simple steps to protect your website

Limited budgets and resources shouldn’t prevent you from adopting simple but effective security precautions to secure your website.

To reap benefits from R&D initiatives, there’s one step further to take

An entrepreneur argues that Support for Australian R&D needs to be across multiple levels of government, not just the Department of Innovation and…

How to build better businesses on a budget

Trading your skills with businesses that have a similar mindset ensures that you can get what you need without having to break your budget.

ATO protecting honest businesses, unfair contract terms

ACCC taking tougher stance against unfair contract terms for small business

The ACCC has called on the Federal Government to make unfair contract terms between big and small businesses illegal and subject to harsh penalties.

New marketplace for rural businesses launched

The new Buy From The Bush Marketplace will serve as an online gateway for products designed and made by rural small businesses.

Q&A: A more level playing field for property buyers

Lauren Moore gave up a successful career as a seller’s agent to “cross the floor” and give buyers a fairer chance in the cut-throat property market.

How e-commerce has buffered small businesses from COVID-19

By using e-commerce, 73 per cent of businesses have been able to retain employees while 61 per cent of businesses remain in operation.

How small-business leaders can improve their employer brand through social media

Employer brand plays a key role in attracting the best talent to your business, so you need to be visible and clear about what you stand for.


Employees left having to clean their workplaces

“Organisations have a responsibly to keep their staff safe and it is extremely important to hire a professional anti-viral cleaning service.”

Three things COVID-19 is teaching your business about your millennials

For “get in and get the job done, fast” positions, a labour market already exists – hungry with millennials waiting for their next opportunity.


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