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Australia federal election

Federal Election is no Easter treat for small businesses

“Additional funding can help SMEs navigate difficult the trading conditions that can accompany a critical event – be it a federal election or back-t…

mileage reporting

Three mileage reporting best practices for SMEs

Quality tracking technology and mileage reporting solutions can offer employees the simplicity they need to lodge accurate mileage expense claims.

Mediator trying to resolve businessmen deadlocked in acrimonious debate. Vector illustration on business mediator or dispute resolution concept isolated on plain background.

The value of a conflict-free workplace

Office conflict is not always unproductive as conflict situations have an important role in revealing communication challenges.

communities, giving

How giving without expectation makes sense in business

The law of reciprocity can be harnessed to help you build your business…if you do it in the right way!

Jessica Simes

Building a small business by filling a gap in the market

The biggest opportunity for an entrepreneur is to be able to find a gap in the market that you can fill with your product or service.

Epson Printers

“Best of the Best” printers recognised at Red Dot Awards

Epson have been recognised for the design of their printers, a scanner and projectors based on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, function…

STP, single touch payroll

Early Single Touch Payroll adopters see weekly time saving

New research reveals that STP offers convenience and time-saving benefits to businesses alongside ensured compliance.


The employee super libido

Three tips for employers around the management of their employees’ super choices.

Lija Wilson

Why “flex” is the future for SMEs

For smaller and mid-sized businesses, flexibility can deliver great benefits and ensure you attract and retain the best talent in the market.

Customer focus as directon on a compass for a satisfaction concept (3D Rendering)

How to ensure your business has a strong customer focus

A strong customer focus isn’t just about making the most sales or having the most customers, but also about creating a great brand.

asia-pacific export

Stay local or go global? Make the leap through market research

An entrepreneur who exported to the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Asia shares her insights in taking a small business global.


Non-banks set to pass main banks in funding SME growth

SMEs are now more likely to turn to non-banks for their funding due to their more favourable and flexible terms compared to banks.

STP, payroll system

New payroll solution for small businesses launched

Xero’s new Payroll Only plan is designed to cater specifically for small businesses with up to four employees to help them be STP-compliant.

Close-up Of Male Accountant Calculating Tax At Desk In Office

Accountants must help small-business owners to detect and avoid fraud

Apart from ensuring financial compliance, accountants can play a key role in helping small businesses minimise the risk of fraud.

cloud computing for SMEs

A guide to cloud-based agreement software

By moving every component of your business agreement process to the cloud you can create a simplified experience, with less risk of human error and do…

colorful question marks written reminders tickets. ask or business concept.

The power of quality questions

If you’re not achieving the outcomes you’re looking for, it may be because you are not asking the right questions to help you get there.


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