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Why hyper-relevance is the aim of the game

It’s not enough to just offer low prices – you need to also deliver experiences with hyper-relevance that will really matter to your customers.

STP, payroll system

Now it’s time to get STP working for you

With efficient STP function available in cloud software solutions you should now have more time to work on your business, instead of in it.

The key to overcoming fear in business

How to move past your fear and create a sustainable business that doesn’t only survive, but that truly thrives.

Mastering the art of sales forecasting

With the help of consistent processes and technologies businesses can get more accurate sales forecasting data to better meet customer needs.

online retailer warehouse

Online retailer to back-pay workers

An online retailer exporting health and beauty products has signed an undertaking to back-pay three of its warehouse workers.


Adam Goodes launches Indigenous industrial and safety supply business

Adam Goodes is the driving force behind Nogard Australia, the country’s largest Indigenous-owned industrial and safety supply business.

Q&A: The start-up helping women be comfortable in their own sensitive skin

Unable to find a skincare product to use on her sensitive skin Kiri Yanchenko spent years researching and testing to come up with a solution of her ow…

Financial pressure on SMEs

About 80 per cent of SME lending is secured by some form of real estate, and this is often personal property such as the family home.


Finding the right motivation to reach your goals

Seven pertinent questions SME owners can ask themselves to get a clearer understanding of their real motivation in business.

digital engagement

Small businesses accelerating digital engagement

A new study has revealed that in 2019, over half of small businesses have achieved “high” or “advanced” levels of digital engagement for the first tim…

Why you should not delete a bad review

Deleting a bad review may seem to be a good call at first, but it can give the impression that your business is not being transparent.

What small businesses need to know about Google Drive and Docs

If your business relies on Google Drive, it’s important to know what happens to the account if something happens to you and how to prepare for it.

Creating a meaningful impact with customer video testimonials

Video testimonials are efficient tools that any business can use to show authenticity and build trust in their brand among its target market.

Beware scams at tax time

Small businesses unprepared for the latest wave of scams

Despite the financial implications, two-thirds of small-business owners are not training staff the scam awareness and prevention of scams.

bank fees, associations

Retail associations call out banks on transparency

Retail associations are urging banks to offer least-cost routing options for eCommerce and mobile payments as they become more popular with consumers…

freelance work

Top considerations when hiring freelance staff

While there are many varied responsibilities for those who choose to work in the freelance industry, there are also many benefits.


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