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How do the most successful businesses remain the most innovative?

The most innovative companies are those that are open to ideas coming from both internally and externally.

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Going Glocal: connectivity creating new business opportunities

Faster broadband is opening up glocal growth opportunities for SMEs to reach new markets while enjoying the freedom of staying local.

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Growth hacking tips to market your small business

Growth hacking offers creative and innovative ways to help drive business growth.

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Small businesses encouraged to claim instant asset write off

Anecdotal evidence suggests only a small proportion of eligible businesses are taking advantage of the instant asset write off.

Fund to supercharge Australian innovations

Driving innovation through disruption

Innovation through disruption is one of the growth strategies adopted by Australia Post to transform itself to meet the unprecedented rate of change.

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How to embrace empty nesters syndrome

Embrace empty nesters syndrome as a chance to put yourself first and do things you may not have done previously.

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Should you “de-locate” to the virtual office?

Remote teams and the virtual office are changing the way start-ups launch and operate.

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Encouraging the next business generation

For the benefit of the next business generation, the best thing we can do is encourage all young people to value money and learn how to earn it an ear…

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Instant asset write-off extended for SME owners

“The asset write-off extension will help small businesses invest in themselves and get more customers through the door.”

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Review and recharge: the importance of the performance review

Taking some time out to for a regular performance review helps you refresh and get of the “treadmill”.

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Peter Langham
12 & 15 April 2016
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Growth SMEs are leading innovators

Growth SMEs who are investing in innovation are expecting clear and substantial returns on their investment.

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Stop surviving and start thriving

This video presents easily-implemented strategies to rectify communication issues, thereby increasing the chances we move from survive to thrive.

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Passive income businesses: do they really exist?

A business that ultimately generates passive income still requires plenty of time commitment and your constant attention.

Choosing the key to success from hanging keys concept for aspirations, achievement and incentive

The not so sexy side of success

Success is dirty work and for entrepreneurs it means hard labour, blood, sweat and plenty of tears.


An open letter to big business and government – small business needs your support

Late payments can be the difference between taking on a new job, employing a new recruit or shutting up shop.

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When ideas won’t make you money

Simply having ideas is a complete waste of time unless you do something with them because the world is full of ideas that were never acted upon.


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