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International payments

International payments soar for Aussie SMEs

According to the survey, Australian SMEs cited foreign exchange volatility (49%), cost (28%) and ensuring timely payments (20%) cited as the major cha…

Fast-track reimbursements to keep your team onside

Automation helps to significantly decrease time for reimbursements by eliminating the need to manually enter information into an expense-approval syst…

The 10-minute sense check for your business loan

We inherently know that ill-fitting shoes can cause issues for growing feet, just as we know that the wrong business loan can cause issues for a small…

R-E-S-P-E-C-T does not equal wage equality

“The Snapshot tells us that female employees are more likely to feel respect for their boss, but other data also tells us that they are more likely to…

Smarter energy solutions

New investment to bring smarter energy solutions

Australians are transitioning to lower emission energy solutions, with one in five homes around the country equipped with solar, and the new partnersh…

Penalty rates

Penalty rates decision looms

The ARA believes such a penalty rates regime, provided it does not come with an excessive administrative burden, would be of great benefit to small bu…

Work life balance

How to juggle your priorities without breaking your neck

If you want to set your business on track for ongoing victories and find the life-work balance, you have to introduce scalable systems and practices t…

A voice for small business

TSBI aims to provide practical training and support services for the small-business sector.

Designer clothing start-up makes sharing easier

Unlike existing designer clothing rental companies, HUMM doesn’t directly involve designers in the process – instead, it is firmly situated in the p…

Small businesses failing to shop around for best energy offers

“The business electricity market has become hugely competitive and you’ll only find a better deal by shopping around.”

How to choose the right business structure

Each business structure has positives and negatives, however these will largely depend on your individual circumstances and it’s always best to spea…

Buying a truck? You’re better off buying new

When buying a truck new ones have high residual value, which means lenders and brokers determine your asset as a lower risk.

Why you must health-check your business portfolio

In today’s unpredictable world the one thing you can control is your ability to assess risks and predict potential issues that may affect the health…

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Certainty restored for small-business seasonal workforce: ASBFEO

“The decision to tax backpackers and seasonal workforce at 19% is a sensible one, and is one that will achieve fairness for the thousands of backpac…

Overseas suppliers, SME

App to help Australian SMEs on their export journey

The export app is filling the information gap for Australian SMEs, providing key details often overlooked by businesses when planning to export.

New contactless chip and card reader hits Aussie shores

A new contactless chip and card reader technology from Square allows Aussie small-business owners to complete payment transactions in seconds.


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