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How to not lose sleep at night as a small-business owner

Over 40 per cent of the victims of cyber attacks are small businesses, usually because they don’t have adequate protections in place.

Pulse surveys, engagement

Five ways to improve employee engagement in the COVID workplace

With employees dispersed in the wake of the pandemic, team culture and engagement need to be a focus area for small businesses more than ever.


Is your trade business doing as well as it could be in the pandemic renovation rush?

Embracing digital technology can help Aussie tradies increase their earnings so they can accept more of the renovation work so prevalent at this momen…

How to decide where to spend your small-business marketing budget

If you only have a small marketing budget, spending it on fixing any bottleneck in your customer journey needs to be your number one priority.

Federal budget

Budget a big shot in the arm for small business

Key players in the small-business sector give their reaction to measures outlined in last night’s federal Budget to kick-start post-COVID recovery.

Accelerator to help fast track Australia’s native food production

The 12 native food producers will get expert help with branding, product development, market intelligence, sales and supply chain.

work from home, remote work, remote working, flexible

How flexible is your workplace flexibility policy?

Small-business owners have an opportunity to lead the way on flexible working arrangements and turn their current draft into a global best-seller.

privacy breaches

It has never been more important to take privacy obligations seriously

Every business should always have privacy protection foremost in their cybersecurity strategies as the risks have become more heightened.


Five reasons retailers are moving to drop shipping and electronic data interchange

Drop shipping is becoming a more popular choice than traditional storing methods because of the cost effectiveness and versatility it provides.

How to evaluate trustworthy LinkedIn and SEO services

“Dodgy” digital marketing advice risks reputation damage, profile suspension and LinkedIn “jail” – huge networks are not a predictor of quality.

food and drink

Cafe served with court date for allegedly “paying” staff with food and drink

A cafe allegedly committed multiple breaches against its employees, including providing some payments in food and drink instead of money.

Canberra Parliament

Call to include Small Business Viability Review program in Federal budget

The proposed Small Business Viability Review program will provide small businesses with tailored business plans from accredited professionals.

Q&A: A more transparent approach to recruitment

How and why Jane Bianchini gave up her successful business to found a video interviewing platform business that is disrupting the recruitment industry…

A change is as good as a rest

With time on their hands due to the COVID downturn a design firm created cardboard desks and play spaces such as cubby houses for kids stuck at home.


New Cyber Security Strategy requires small businesses to step up

The Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2020 aims to provide funding that will better protect public and private sectors from evolving online threats.

Planet Ark business recycling

Aussie workplaces letting staff down on recycling options

Despite most Aussies believing in the benefits of recycling, workplaces are perceived to not have sufficient waste removal initiatives in place.


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