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Courier company stopped in their tracks for not providing meal breaks

A courier company has committed to back-pay its workers and to comply with providing paid meal breaks its workers are entitled to.

Christmas festivities tax

Keeping out of trouble with the taxman in your Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities for your small business may be end up costing you a lot more than a hangover if you aren’t tax-wise.

employee data, obligations, cybersecurity tips

Five simple cybersecurity tips anyone can follow

Top cybersecurity tips on protecting your mobile devices and data and resolving the thorny issue of “Find my device” services.


Entrepreneurs and small-business owners thrive better in a community

Being part of a community can be beneficial in a way that you get to interact with like-minded people who can provide the advice and support you need.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Don’t be afraid to take time off over Christmas, but give notice of your leave and times let people know in advance your office hours.

domestic violence

Tech start-up trains beady eye on domestic violence and sex offences

Leelou Private Eye uses facial recognition to help identify persons who may have a history of domestic violence or sexual offences through available i…

Banks agree to small business growth fund

After months of negotiations, the banks have agreed to take part in a small business growth fund, with each tipping in $100 million.

Q&A: Rural innovators lead the way with hemp

How two school friends from the country are exploiting the potential of low THC hemp cultivation as a complement to our existing cropping infrastructu…


What’s your purpose?

When brands get it right, purpose is a great driving force for building brand loyalty with your external and internal audiences.


How to reignite passion in your current career

Finding passion again in your work involves finding the meaning in what you do and concentrating on improving the skills to be better at what you do.

print, digital, channel, printing

Printing business pressed over underpayments

A Sydney printing business has back-paid migrant workers over $200k and paid hefty penalties following court action by the FWO.


Four types of expense report fraud to look out for

Whether intentional or accidental, expense report fraud entails a great loss of revenue if the business does not act decisively beforehand.

Video makes your business a star

Videos are now an integral part of the decision-making process – more than 60 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a …

Cyber crime, trust

Staying safe on the internet: trust nobody

The simplest cyber safety rule to follow is to trust nobody who wants your passwords and log in details to your accounts.

Deregulation Agenda to reduce burden on small business

The federal government’s deregulation plans include a guide for small businesses in hiring their first worker and development of a “regtech” platform.


PappaRich franchisee penalised

A PappaRich franchisee has been accused of “willfully” underpaying workers to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars across three Sydney restaurants…