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Why humanising CX is key to success in the experience economy

To succeed in the experience economy, retailers must focus on humanising the customer experience they offer.

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Top experience management trends businesses must know for 2019

Translating customer promises into employee actions will become a basic requirement for businesses looking to improve their XM in 2019.

CX, success

How customer experience management will evolve in 2018

You need to differentiate on CX because nine out of 10 customers are willing to pay significantly more for a better experience.

CX, success

Don’t get stuck in the experience gap

To deliver a superior customer experience bridge the growing experience gap between what you deliver and the expectations of the market.

Six ways to improve your customer experience offering

The customer experience environment is changing with the advent of new communication channels and business models.

Customers say online retailers ignore their feedback 40 per cent of the time

A significant proportion of shoppers believe their feedback for online retailers never reaches someone who can enact change.

Why customer experience management matters

A well-designed customer experience management program should deliver real-time, actionable feedback from customers about their experiences and expect…

How customer experience programs drive better business results

Customer experience programs should be a priority for every business looking to develop a strong brand.

How to effectively capture in-the-moment customer feedback

Businesses need to move beyond understanding customer feedback based on one-off interactions to delivering great experiences.


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