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Timo Topp

Timo Topp is a business wellbeing coach, author and speaker with 30 years' experience. He is an in-demand one to one coach, author of the book EAT, MOVE, LIVE and creator and facilitator of WORKBEING – a corporate wellbeing program to empower busy people to live healthier lives, so businesses can thrive. Timo believes you can find a balance between work and wellbeing, he calls Workbeing – the art of being healthy, happy and productive at work. It’s time to redefine how we work, it’s time for wellbeing to be a significant strategy for business sustainability and success.

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Workbeing for small business: the art of being healthy, happy and productive

Now is the time to re-think how we work for business sustainability and success and the physical and mental health of pe...