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Tim Ladhams

Tim Ladhams

Tim Ladhams is a print and digital editor and journalist with a business background of 30 years’ across multiple industries. Tim is the Editor of Inside Small Business. He can be reached at [email protected]

Tim Ladhams - 5/12 - Inside Small Business

Q&A: The coffee that’s changing the world for the better

“The beauty of Change Coffee lies in its simplicity – if you want to make a difference and help fight poverty, it’s as easy as having a cup of cof…

Q&A: Rural innovators lead the way with hemp

How two school friends from the country are exploiting the potential of low THC hemp cultivation as a complement to our existing cropping infrastructu…

Video makes your business a star

Videos are now an integral part of the decision-making process – more than 60 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a …

Q&A: (Coco)nuts about healthy hydration

A coconut water entrepeneur shares how she adressed the lack of functionality in a category against which the supplement and powder market was booming…

Q&A: Artisan jewellery with a purpose

“My desire to produce ethical luxury jewellery meant that I needed to find a reliable source of not only ethical gold but diamonds and precious gems, …

Q&A: A social solution for ‘appy’ dogs

The RSPCA say socialisation is critical for young dogs’ ability to adapt to different environments and interact with other dogs and people.

A healthy business

“We have found that using a wide combination of marketing strategies has allowed us to build a trustworthy, robust brand and also have measurable data…

Q&A: The start-up taking the bitterness out of supplements

How a messy suitcase spillage led to a daughter and father combining to found a natural supplements company that’s making waves in the wellness sector…

From strength to strength

The Kieser concept is a physio clinic and a strength training facility designed it for baby boomers by taking out the music, mirrors and intimidation.

Q&A: Painting a brighter future

A family have made the most of a decade’s experience in the decotrative paint industry to launch their own home decor business.

Q&A: The fun way to help kids enjoy healthier food

Mashblox is underpinned by best practice in obesity intervention and empowering children in developing healthy long-term food habits.

Q&A: The Aussie label throwing a spanner in the works(wear)

Mimosa Schmidt is on a mission to ensure female plumbers, engineers, farmers, and so on don’t have to put up with uncomfortable workwear designed for …

Q&A: The start-up helping veterans march into a suitable new role

“Veterans have a lot of transferable skills – from project management to problem solving – but employers don’t fully recognise this.”

Q&A: A graphic example of a start-up journey

How a former paralegal went out on her own and grew her wedding stationery start-up into fully fledged graphic design business.

Q&A: Going one step beyond for adventurous travellers

Building relationships with local communities and supporting projects to help them has been key to the success of Tom Allwright’s adventure travel com…

Q&A: Ringing in a change of career a winning move for jewellery designer

“About year five when we started showing at Jewellery shows and signed on our first retailers is when I finally realised I didn’t have any doubts left…


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