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Convenience stores on the rise

“The convenience industry, more than most, has a reputation for adaptation…through a commitment to innovation, the industry has thrived.”

proactive, advisers, workplace mental health

Mental health resource for sole traders launched

The ASBFEO is releasing a free online webinar offering sole traders help in cope with impacts of the pandemic on their mental health.

shareholder dispute, disputes, dispute resolution

Dispute resolution now available for gig economy couriers

A law change means that gig economy couriers can now take their business disputes to the Victorian Small Business Commission for quick resolution.

Women bearing the brunt of COVID-19 hardships

Women are bearing the brunt of the pandemic as research reveals their lay-off rates are higher and new hire rates are lower than men’s.

crisis to opportunity, future

SME workers’ optimism about post-pandemic prospects rises

While not yet a majority sentiment, more SME workers are feeling optimistic about their future as they feel Coronavirus is coming under control.


Devastating impact of COVID-19 on fitness industry revealed

As the fitness industry plans to reopen gyms safely as soon as possible the true impact of the shutdown on the 35,000 employed in the sector is reveal…

restaurant, cook

Restaurant fined for failing to back-pay cook

An NT restaurant has been heavily fined for only back-paying a cook $1250 out of almost $16,000 they had underpaid and been ordered to rectify by the …


Job app aimed at helping those laid off due to COVID-19

WeployConnect’s new job platform is free for both jobseekers and employers to help bridge the employment gap that has arisen as a result of the pandem…

franchises, franchise

Franchisees’ pandemic-related struggles revealed

Franchisees reported a decrease in revenue in March due to the pandemic but welcomed the support they are receiving from their franchisors.

Outstanding achievements by women in small business celebrated

Meet the state and territory winners of this year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards that recognise the contribution of women to small business.

retail industry, reopen

Retail unveils its COVID-19 recovery plans

The retail industry seeks to assure staff and customers stores and shopping centres are prepared for the safe return of large numbers of people.

Is tech immune to COVID-19?

Tech start-ups are one of the few success stories of the COVID-19 crisis with research revealing the sector is one of few that is still growing.

SMEs seek “circuit breaker” provision in tenancy code

Newsagents are calling to put in place a provision in the commercial tenancy code that would immediately provide rent relief for small businesses.

Construction company hit for underpaying apprentices

The judge found the company’s unlawful conduct towards the apprentices as “deliberate” and “could not be viewed as isolated.”

Dispute resolution

Faster dispute resolution available to small business

The VSBC has extended its mediation services on the back of a rise in disputes between landlords and tenants brought on by COVID-19.

JobKeeper extension given to small businesses

Small businesses have been given an extra week – until 8 May – to pay their employees under JobKeeper, a move aimed at easing cashflow pressure.


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