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SMSF, super, unpaid

Project aims to encourage greater engagement with super

Money magazine is encouraging Australians to become more actively involved with their super and improve their financial well-being.

service station

Service station penalised for underpayments

The service station underpaid 22 employees across 12 locations, which the judge found as deliberate and “not insignificant”.

cyber defence, tax time, IT security, cyber week

Australian Cyber Week 2019 launched to showcase vibrant, growing sector

Cyber Week is an opportunity for cybersecurity and related organisations to showcase their capabilities and tout the benefits of cybersecurity.

digital payments

New digital payments solution for small businesses launched

Yak Pay by Visa and fintech Payment Logic lets small businesses use digital payments when paying non-card accepting suppliers.

toy retailer, restaurant

Restaurant allegedly underpaid visa worker

The restaurant employee was allegedly underpaid his hourly rates and his leave entitlements, as well not having control of his bank account.

marketing, priority

Marketing further down in small businesses’ priority list

Despite its importance in generating growth and revenue, financial constraints are forcing SMEs to push marketing spend down in their list of prioriti…


Flight business penalised for underpaying pilots

The helicopter flight business failed to pay the minimum hourly rates and entitlements of two pilots, as well as having made misleading payslips.


Lending to small business crucial to economic growth: Ombudsman

The ASBFEO joined RBA’s call on the financial institutions anew to provide better lending options to SMEs as a way to stimulate growth.

business confidence declining

Research suggests small business in economic decline

Research reveals small businesses reported significant decline in revenue generation for FY 2019, suggesting a recession is a real possibility.

support, council

Local council throws its support behind small business

A Victorian local council has joined a State government initiative that includes work towards faster permit approvals for people starting a small busi…

compensation scheme, pay issues

Half of all small-business employees have experienced pay issues

It is hoped that the implementation of Single Touch Payroll for small businesses on 1 October will help address the pay issues of small-business emplo…

recovered wages

Unpaid wages recovered for Subway employees

The FWO has determined that 18 of the 22 Subway franchisees investigated were not compliant with Australia’s workplace laws.

Small businesses star in Remarkable Retailers report

Vend’s inaugural report highlights inspiring, forward-thinking, and innovative independent retailers that are making waves in Australian retail.

Cafe operators to face court for underpayments

The cafe operators allegedly took adverse action against one employee by not allocating further shifts to him because he inquired about wages he was o…

Small-business lending trends revealed

Statistics reveal an increase in the lending demand among small businesses, with an increasing number of non-homeowners seeking unsecured finance.

Government pilot aims to boost small business

The Local Procurement pilot program aims to increase direct contact between SMEs and councils by cutting red tape and simplifying the tender process.


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