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Breaking down the age-old barrier of hiring mature employees

Don’t overlook mature employees who have the best skills and fit for your company.

Sharon Davies Talent Propeller

Attitude feeds from the top

As people say, a leader isn’t the same as a boss. I believe in leading with a positive attitude, and this has helped make our businesses successful.

SMEs on the verge of a programmatic recruitment revolution

Programmatic recruitment solutions come at a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency, making it very accessible to SMEs.

Recruitment technology REFFIND

Do you need to update your recruitment practices?

When choosing recruitment solutions, business owners must ensure whatever technology they’re using will allow them to adapt to changing market condi…

Sharon Davies Talent Propeller

How do I attract more qualified applicants?

Once you’ve had qualified applicants come through in your inbox, don’t waste any time or you may lose them to another employer.

Sharon Davies Talent Propeller

Think outside the square to attract the best talent

Taking a three-dimensional approach to recruitment – that considers past experience, interview presentation and skills and aptitude testing – will…


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