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office equipment

How to keep office equipment safe in the COVID-19 era

It is important more than ever to ensure that IT equipment used in the workplace is constantly cleaned and sterilised to...

How businesses can get started on the road to recovery

As businesses embark on the road to recovery people are likely to remain the most valuable asset - they will help you pi...
data-driven, social media data, technology, industry

How to work smarter and faster with new-generation technology

An organisation’s ability to leverage emerging technology to improve efficiency is an increasingly important determinant...

Educating the next generation

Educating the next generation of workers is crucial given the current pace of change and disruption caused by technology...

Why user experience is a critical part of technology success for SMEs

For SMEs striving to become more intelligent about their customers, an improved user experience can help gather the data...
recycling office equipment

Recycling old office devices reduces the environmental footprint

Disposing of items of office equipment rather than recycling them poses a risk to the environment due to the hazardous m...
business plan, big picture

Why SMEs should use the new financial year to create a new business plan

Even if SMEs have a strong business plan, they should review it at least every six months to ensure it’s still achievabl...
Time for taxes, tax time

How SMEs can turn tax time into an opportunity to grow

Tax time is an ideal time to focus on planning for business growth by improving processes, doing upgrades, or buying new...
MFDs, online portal

How MFDs could be putting SMEs at risk of a security breach

Unsecured multifunction devices or MFDs are vulnerable spots in your business network that hackers can easily exploit.

How in-house printing can improve business for SMEs

Outsourcing print operations is not a cost-efficient solution for budget-conscious SMEs who need documents in a hurry.