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hackers, email security, remote

How your small business can avoid fake invoice scams

With scammers becoming more sophisticated, it becomes more difficult detecting fake invoice scams, especially without the proper tools in place.

online digital document storage

How to enhance security with digital document storage

Document management solutions must include security and governance features to help businesses protect their valuable data.

multifunction devices

How the multifunction device is posing a security threat

While they may seem harmless, multifunction devices are connected to the network, creating a potential cybersecurity breach point.

mobile workers

How mobile workers can become even more efficient

Mobile workers can greatly benefit from the automation and digitisation in invoice management and forms, saving businesses time and resources as well.

AI, emerging technology

How emerging technologies are changing work processes

Ermerging tech like AI and IoT are already changing how people work as more seismic changes in work processes are set to happen in the future.

eforms, eform

How businesses are benefiting from eForms

Businesses that haven’t begun their digital transformation can start small by adopting eForms into their processes.

automating, automated processes, accounts payable, automate

Why workflow automation is a critical part of competitive advantage

Automation frees up employees from manual, repetitive tasks and reduces error risks so they can focus on more important tasks.

automating, automated processes, accounts payable, automate

Five business processes you need be automating

Automating key business processes help you ensure greater operational efficiency and improved compliance.


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