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21st century syndrome

The more you work, the more productive you think you are, but after a certain amount of time productivity rapidly declines and burnout ensues.

Is too much work making you sick?

Reduced absence in the form of presenteeism isn’t profitable as research shows a decline in productivity in the individual concerrned of at least one …


A healthy approach

Many big corporations are embracing holistic wellbeing, running corporate wellness programs for their employees and encouraging them to eat healthy an…


Wellness at work programmes not beyond the reach of small businesses

Common mental health problems affect one in four people so a wellness program of some form or another is a necessity with businesses of all sizes.


What can be done to increase wellbeing at work?

Business owners who neglect their own wellbeing are putting their businesses at risk, affecting their employees and imperiling their future prospects …

burnout, fatigue

How small-business owners can avoid burnout

Taking breaks, spending time with your family and resting will safeguard and moderate against the risk of burnout and bruising your prized possession:…


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