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Sagar Sethi

Sagar Sethi Managing Director and founder of Digital Marketing Agency Xugar. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing, Sagar is the driving force behind Xugar’s growth. His experience in both business and marketing is valuable not only for Xugar, but for each business he works with. Sagar is focused on helping small and medium businesses find their footing in a world filled with bad Search engine optimisers and predatory digital marketing practices. He worked in digital marketing for many years before Xugar, noticing the same problems over and over again during this time. Businesses that didn’t understand what they needed, or didn’t have the money for traditional marketing were “churned and burned”, seemingly punished for their inexperience. Having struggled to find leads for his first business 13 years ago, Sagar has since worked to make sure other small businesses find success. He’s passionate about helping small businesses grow, with most of his days consisting of designing new ways to improve processes, strategies and create business for Xugar and its clients. Xugar was founded by Sagar in 2017, with the intent of bridging a gap in the market. Sagar strives to pull away from complexity in digital marketing and help small businesses understand what they need to do to grow in this modern, technological age. Xugar isn’t about making digital marketing complex. It’s digital marketing done right.

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