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Rune Sovndahl

Fantastic Services was born in 2009 out of the shared vision of two enterprising individuals, Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov, who believed that they can leave their hallmark in the home services sector by introducing a very different business model, based on partnership and mutual respect. The company founders embarked on a journey to success by simply harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking, combined with the endeavour to bring the home cleaning service industry to a whole new level. Their approach to the new business venture was simple and yet, rewarding. So, the 360 degree happiness credo was born. For Rune and Anton, traditional vertical hierarchical structures often hindered a company’s success and its potential expansion when it came to growing their business in the home service industry field. So, from a small cleaning company they built a multi-operational enterprise that was based on a wide network of productive partnerships. The boosted morale and increased motivation of all parties, involved in the daily service provision and business activities, ensured a growing base of happier customers.

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