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social media ovewhelm

Getting past social media overwhelm

The influence of social media can make people feel overwhelmed by images of those who seem too far ahead for them to catch up with.

work life balance

Maintaining your business AND your relationship

Relationships are the only things that really count in life and time is the only currency you’ve got – no-one ever died saying “I wish I’d worke…

busy work

How busy work and billables affect your revenue

If you’ve got budget for one or two employees, make them count where it counts most for your business – revenue production.

Advanced technology driving growth, tech-averse, tech tools, tech skills

Shiny tech syndrome: why technology isn’t always the answer

For a small service business looking to grow it’s important to note that most potential customers prefer personal interaction rather than technology.

Procrastination…and getting past it

Procrastination may make you feel better in the moment but it only delays the inevitable and puts you under more pressure down the track.

success, failure

Growth equals success, right? Um, no!

Why exponential growth isn’t the right yardstick of success for may start-ups.

say no

Want a better 2019? Learn to say “no”

Saying no is about giving yourself some breathing space and not feeling bad about “letting people down”.

Flexibility – the huge strength SMEs aren’t using

One of the biggest advantages small businesses have is the flexibility to exlpoit trends in business – by the time big business is done with its own p…

Study guts open plan offices

A Harvard study found that open plan offices do not increase employee interaction, and they actually decrease productivity.

Should you automate your customer point of contact?

An automated system may help make processes simple and convenient but shouldn’t come at the cost of personal interaction.

Managing stress, health

Why “Lagom” is better than balance for your business

Lagom could be the key for small-business owners who are trapped in a lose-lose battle of pitching up everyday striving for balance and perfection in …


Keeping up with the speed of productivity

It’s not just your imagination – keeping up with the speed of productivity in life and your small business is getting harder and harder.

burnout, fatigue

How decision fatigue holds you back

Decision fatigue can be particularly bad for small-business owners because they don’t have a fleet of minions, like those in larger businesses, who …

Five tips to being a successful business owner

Having a website is not enough to make a business successful but just the first step in achieving that goal.

growth, Federal Election, sustainable

Making headway in 2018

If you are really serious about making headway in 2018 get to understand the lay of the land before you race in and invest your precious time and mone…

Flexible lifestyle

Trend turnarounds to look out for in 2018

Seven trend turnarounds that will shape business success in the year ahead.


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