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Growth strategies – keep it simple

One of the strategies you can utilise to grow your business and increase profits is through process innovation, and it’s actually simple to implement.


Commercialisation – far from a linear process

A brilliant solution that solves a well-known problem is just one tiny step in, commercialisation which is a far more difficult process.

Measuring innovation

Process innovation is aimed not so much at delivering revenue growth but, in fact, profit growth on the back of improved processes for the same revenu…


Innovation – getting value for money

The best way to achieve an innovation metric is to have the people engaged in it working to a meaningful metric they agree to deliver on.

Change my title – change the outcome!

Aligning people with the requirements of the task you want them to achieve, rather than their job title, can lead to amazing results.


It took just four hours

Innovation is neither an expensive nor a complicated process and it can save you considerable time and money while helping you get more work done.


But is it a good idea?

It is important to never fall in love with a new idea and be driven alone by passion and enthusiasm, without assessing its real merits thoroughly.

Collaborate to innovate

It is essential for any business owner to collaborate with the best parties who can assist you on your innovation journey.

delivering beyond innovation

Innovation – a simple exercise in thinking?

Many people think of innovation as something difficult to pull off, but all it takes to get on the right track is changing the way we think.


Why incentives do help

Incentives allow staff to share in the success of the business with greater success translating to greater rewards, especially financial ones.


Beware the overly zealous innovator

As an innovator test the market with the MVP and then continually upgrade the product with new and better applications and features that add value.

Innovators, innovation

How do we handle an “Orphan”?

Overlooking or discarding orphan business may be seen as opportunities lost, but beware of the common trap of chasing too many rainbows, only to find …


What now if the NDA is of little value?

Without building trust and relationships, an NDA can only go so far in protecting our interests when we launch a new product.

Beware the NDA

A detailed look at the potential flaws in an NDA, and how they might be ironed out.


Avoid the big business trap!

Demand innovation – the alternative may ultimately be oblivion!

Innovators, innovation

Is innovation really that risky?

If we embrace innovation as the “Change that adds Value”, then risk can be mitigated if not entirely removed.


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