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Innovate Brain Means Innovating Creative And Ideas 3d Illustration

Avoid the big business trap!

Demand innovation – the alternative may ultimately be oblivion!

Innovators, innovation

Is innovation really that risky?

If we embrace innovation as the “Change that adds Value”, then risk can be mitigated if not entirely removed.

Nuclear power station cooling tower low poly. 3d render ecology pollution save planet environment concept triangle polygonal. Radioactive nuclear reactor electricity vector illustration

Is it time to “re-question” nuclear energy?

The safety of nuclear plants has always considered to be a problem, so too the disposal of waste, but with an estimated 500 nuclear plants in the worl…

Autonomous vehicle

The IT “dilemma”

The classic paradox that IT designers face as they design intelligent machines able to make “reasoned” decisions and ultimately build machines tha…

good idea, great idea

The problem with the Open Innovation model

The problem some may have with Open Innovation model may be borne out of the “not invented here syndrome”,


The mystical power of “brand”

Brand is vital – protect it carefully and make sure that every customer experience is a good one.

bonus red grunge round vintage rubber stamp.bonus stamp.bonus round stamp.bonus grunge stamp.bonus.bonus vintage stamp.

Bonuses – a good ideal?

Bonuses can incentivise better performance of a business, but how much should they be and in what manner should they be given out?

Social media marketing

Don’t be fooled by the changing landscape

Don’t be fooled into thinking that blasting on social media is necessarily money well spent.

3D illustration of rubber stamp with the text patented. IP law and intellectual property patent concept

Too quick to protect those patents?

Contrary to popular opinion, a patent does not protect an idea, but rather the particular way a problem has been solved.

Mission Goals Aim Aspiration Concept

Is your mission killing your business?

It’s useful to revisit your mission and adapt it as conditions change – a failure to do so may lock your people into a fixed mindset that may ultimate…

Innovation – do you practice what you preach?

Innovation: think about the consequences

Innovation needs to be undertaken only when all its market consequences have been envisaged and weighed up.

Business plan

Planned disasters: what value is a business plan?

A business plan is too often prepared by the champion of an idea who is convinced about its likely success before they even start.

Process innovation

Process Innovation: the key to unharvested profit

Process innovation works on the premise that you are already making and selling something and simply asks you to explore the way you do things.

Innovation – do you practice what you preach?

How coupling reduces risk

Coupling is a technique that can be used to connect a new idea or product to one the markets is already comfortable with and in so doing mitigates the…

Innovation – do you practice what you preach?

What is innovation?

If you chose to adopt the definition of innovation as “Change that Adds Value” it’s clear that using innovation to create new products reduces mar…

Market risk

Understanding market risk

Market risk – the likelihood that you can’t find a market for your new product or service – is where most new products or ventures fail.


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