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Recruitment technology REFFIND

Why so many new hires leave within the first year

Employees leave a job sooner when they sense they have little or no opportunity for growth and advancement – giving new hires a clear path to promot…

Three business lessons from Pokémon Go

To help get the workforce excited about a goal and its execution, businesses can look for lessons from Pokémon Go to develop an inclusive environment…

Business leaders must do more to engage millennials

It pays to take a more personalised, strategic approach to engage millennials in your team, according to a study.

Recruitment technology REFFIND

Empower your HR with technology

Engaging recruitment technology puts businesses ahead of the competition by ensuring the talent acquisition process is smooth, efficient, and interest…

Millennials Rob van Es Reffind

How to keep millennials engaged at work

There is a tendency among millennials to stay in jobs for much shorter periods than their predecessors.


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