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Adobe Business Catalyst is ending: what you need to do

With the impending demise of Adobe Business Catalyst, here are a number of viable alternatives businesses can use to manage their content.

social media

Frustrated with your Facebook ROI? Here are five social media alternatives

With its privacy concerns, dwindling organic reach and rising advertising costs, SMEs should begin looking at viable social media alternatives to Face…

voice search

Voice search: what you need to know and how to seize the opportunity

The voice search trend is not something to ignore – ComScore says that, by 2020, “50 per cent of all searches will be voice searches”.

How smart contracts might disrupt your business

Blockchain technology may transform the way contracts are being created and enforced, making them “smarter” in the process.

Ignore your slow website at your peril

A website’s loading speed is crucial to your bottom line, especially now that so many people today use mobile devices to access the web.

Google is looking to steal your website traffic…and improve your UX

Google research shows the time it takes to load the average mobile landing page is 22 seconds – would you hang around that long? Probably not.

Customer experience

Ask your customers more questions to boost your lead generation

Three tips – and a bonus from Google – to help you leverage your customer base to improve your lead generation.

Three new customer behaviours uncovered by Google’s data

Customer expectations are evolving due to the fact that we have our smartphone by our side all day.

Now is the time to take stock of your blogging efforts

Not all blogging efforts are equal so ensure your content marketing strategy can produce leads and sales.

It’s time to rethink your social media marketing

Shifting sands mean a rethink is needed to get a return on your investment from your social media marketing.


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