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Seeing something out of place is all we need to be a leader

By behaving as a standard bearer, which includes calling out rubbish behaviours, we are behaving as a leader.


The future of mentoring is genderless

Why fears about men mentoring women brought on by #MeToo could erode gender equality in the workplace and halt the progress seen in recent years.


Pro’s make a difference, professionals just act like they do

Being a Pro forms the cornerstone of being the role model leader every organisation should have.

Making the unrealistic manageable

Finding something inspiring is easy, but to make a seemingly unrealistic goal into a reality is a different matter and requires a great deal of dedica…

Leveraging technical ability for success

Technical knowledge is important for growth but businesses should not put too much emphasis on this particular aspect.

Surviving the crunch time in 2019

All industries experience the crunch time, but if it is something that happens all the time to a business, it is a bad sign.

Generous service is the best type of Generosity Marketing

Generosity Marketing – giving away low-cost items with a perceived value for the consumer – is all well and good but should never take precedence over…

A New Year’s Resolve-lution

Achieving just one resolution early in the financial year has the potential to be the cornerstone for making your whole business more stable and profi…


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