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Nicole Murdoch

Nicole Murdoch - Inside Small Business

Scammers thriving in a coronavirus world

The global pandemic has not stopped scammers and many are, in fact, taking advantage of upheaval to commit online crimes.

The new age of trademark infringement defences in Australia

There is a growing trend in trademark cross-claims for invalidity being raised as a defence to a trademark infringement claim.

Cyber crime, trust, security risks

Staying safe on the internet: trust nobody

The simplest cyber safety rule to follow is to trust nobody who wants your passwords and log in details to your accounts.

trade secrets

Trade secrets vulnerable when staff use their own laptops

It’s tempting to allow staff to use their own laptops as a way to save some costs but it potentially risks losing your trade secrets to software the…

data privacy

Hack to steal house funds underlines need for password health

A hack that bagged the proceeds of a family highlights how crucial password security is online transactions are used in more and more areas of life.


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