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Should you continue to sell in times of crisis?

In a crisis you need to continue to market and to sell – you just need to be smart about how that happens and adapt to the changed circumstances.

Five ways to take your business online

By posting regular, consistent and helpful content online and on your social media channels you generate goodwill with your audience.

Should you be polarising on social media?

Being polarising on social media is not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it have to involve being very aggressive in sharing one’s views.

swear word

Should you swear in your marketing?

Swearing might seem to be a good marketing tactic in light of recent trends, but it’s not always the right strategy to take.

Content boot camp

Content is not only blog posts and “stories” on social media platforms – great content solves problems for your audience.

The essential guide to monetising social media

How to build a social media presence that drives impact and return

According to Forbes magazineover three-quarters of consumers say companies’ social media posts impact their purchases.


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